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Viro the Virus
Lefco, Jake
Built By Snow
Tinted Windows
Cannibal Corpse
Young Zee
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
Reggae Gold 2008
Hedberg, Mitch
Knees, The
Spektor, Regina
Thes One
Ras Kass
Kallish, Matt
Cook, David
Walker, Butch

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Artist Album Rating
Viro the Virus Sharpest Blade, The 3.5
Lefco, Jake Missing Trooth 3.5
Built By Snow Mega 4
Tinted Windows Tinted Windows 3.5
Queensryche American Soldier 3.5
Cannibal Corpse Eviscertion Plague 3
Young Zee Musical Meltdown 4
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo Live and Let Die 4
Various Reggae Gold 2008 2.5
Hedberg, Mitch Do You Believe in Gosh? 3.5
Knees, The Sexual Radio 4
Ticklah Ticklah vs. Axelrod 4.5
Spektor, Regina Soviet Kitsch 4
Thes One Lifestyle Marketing 4.5
Fugees Score, The 3.5
Ras Kass Soul On Ice (demo) 4
Iridesense A Trip Called Life 3.5
Kallish, Matt The Nerve 3
Cook, David David Cook 3.5
Walker, Butch Sycamore Meadows 4
Paris Acid Reflex 3.5
Swift, Taylor Fearless 4
Various REPO! The Genetic Opera 3.5
Cooper, Alice Along Came a Spider 3
Green, Al Lay It Down 4
Firesign Theatre, The Box of Danger: The Complete Nick Danger Casebook 4
Sparks Introducing Sparks 3
Heyday, The The Heyday 4.5
AC/DC Black Ice 3
Brekekekexkoaxkoax I Manage to Get Out By a Secret Door 3.5
Invincible Shapeshifters 4.5
pre almighty low 4
Tesla Forever More 4
Terrorists, The Terror Strikes: Always Bizness, Never Personal 3
3-2 Wicked Buddah Baby 2.5
My Morning Jacket Evil Urges 3
Palmer, Amanda Who Killed Amanda Palmer? 3.5
The Hereafter It Doesn't Matter It Is, It Doesn't Matter If It's Wrong 3.5
Dump Body The Crackhead Motor Inn 3.5
Vicious Martinis, The The Vicious Martinis 3.5
Homeless J The Squeeze 2.5
Study in Her, A Another Year in Philadelphia 3.5
Cooper, Alice Love It to Death 5
Negativland Negativland Presents Thigmotactic 3.5
Gaslight Anthem, The The '59 Sound 5
All That Remains Overcome 4
Whalen, Coles Nothing Is Too Much 3.5
Lava Brothers, The Waking Birds Will Harmonize 3
Metallica Death Magnetic 3.5
Jeff Michael Band The Other Side 3
Rogue Motel Daylight Breaking 2.5
Ocean Street Ocean Street 4
Sweet, Matthew Girlfriend 4.5
Sugarcane Mutiny Your Town 3.5
The Dalidrama The Dalidrama 3
Wiretree Bouldin 3.5
Lorenz, Todd Live, Love, Learn, Sing 3
Zelaya, Mario Martin Calafia's Moods 3
The Daybreak Line The Daybreak Line 3
Abercrombie, Steve Gone 2.5
Faint, The Fasciinatiion 2.5
Groove Collective Groove Collective 4
Carlin, George It's Bad for Ya 4
Stewart, Brett Ryan Necessary Lies 3.5
Joe Cassady and the West End Sound What's Your Name 3
John Doe (1200 Hobos) The Last Amateur (One Hour Photo) 4
Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords 4
Sleeper Car Love & Anxiety 3.5
H2O Nothing to Prove 4.5
Have Heart Songs to Scream at the Sun 4
Verse Aggression 4.5
Neuraxis The Thin Line Bewtween 4.5
Lo-Boy Re-Mix, The 2
Richards & Fitch A Couple of F Holes 3
Dan Baird and Homemade Sin Dan Baird and Homemade Sin 4
Last Word Somewhere Between Fast Food And Vegan Vol. 1 (The Remixes) 4
Tokyo Blade Tokyo Blade 4
Shepp, Archie Life At The Donaueschingen Music Festival 4
Dropkick Murphys The Warriors Code 4
Madness, M.C. Drop The Bass (Death of a Basshead) 2
KRS-One Maximum Strength 3
Burbis Curse of the Golden Dracula 3.5
Dikeman/Barrios/Makihara We Need You 3.5
Cook, David Analog Heart 3.5
Welch, Neil Narmada 4.5
Five Star Iris Five Star Iris 4
Shank, Richard D A Single Step 3
Heath Street Heath Street 3
Diamondhead Dirty Realism 3
Braman, John Climatastrophunk 3.5
Hyphen-One First Letter, The 3.5
Sparks 12" Mixes 3
Strell, Joe In the Balance 3
Livoti, Joe Greetings From Galaxy X 3
Bennett, Johnny Red Light Room 3.5
Karmic Whiplash The Nervous System 3
Marsh, Bob Viovox 3.5
Credibility Gap, The Bronze Age of Radio, The 3
Brandal, Andreas This Is Not For You 3.5
Sparks Balls 3.5
Lacona President's Day (single) 3.5
Barry, Todd From Heaven 4
Martin L. Gore Counterfeit 3
You.May.Die.In.The.Desert/Gifts From Enola Harmonic Motion Volume I (split CD) 3
Built By Snow Noise (EP) 4
O.S.T.R. Ja tu tylko sprzątam 4
Testament First Strike Still Deadly 4.5
Black 47 Iraq 4
Talking Heads Fear of Music 4.5
Grief of War A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released 3.5
Walker, Butch Leavin' the Game on Lucky Street 4
Pretty Balanced Conical Monicle 4
Wright, Steven I Still Have a Pony 4
Highway Murderers Bastard Machine 4
Revolution Mother Glory Bound 4.5
Kennedys, The Better Dreams 4
Swear On Your LIfe Burn My Crosses 1
Trigger Renegade Destroy Your Mind 1
Slant Thin Line, A 2.5
Aguilar, Zeke Eclectic 2
Byzantine Oblivion Beckons 4.5
Skeletonwitch Beyond The Permafrost 4
Hope, Nadia Carving Out the Universe 3
Radiohead In Rainbows 4
Sixx AM The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack 4
Pretty Balanced Icicle Bicycle 4.5
Cinderella Night Songs 3
Aerosmith Live Bootleg 4.5
Birbiglia, Mike My Secret Public Journal (Live) 3.5
Depeche Mode Black Celebration 4.5
Failure Fantastic Planet 2.5
Cake Fashion Nugget 4
Who, The Who's Greatest Hits 3
Post Scripts, The Songs You Can Eat Cake To 3
Fickle The Natural Order of Things 3
Jeru the Damaja Still Rising 3
Bahamadia Good Rap Music 3
Bahamadia Kollage 4.5
Beeblo Pirate vs. Ninja 3.5
Rush Counterparts 3.5
Silver Spade Slip Away 2.5
Manson, Marilyn Last Tour on Earth, The 3
Knife the Symphony Please Knife the Symphony (EP) 2.5
The Loose Threads The Loose Threads 3.5
Ayres, Jason The Acoustic Sessions 3
Mangione, Mike Tenebrae 3
Keillor, Garrison Guy Noir: Radio Private Eye 2.5
Soul Coughing Irresistible Bliss 3
Burnett, Tyler Tyler Burnett 3
Where's Moo Dear Friend Dopamine 2.5
Lee, Sean Two Amp Songs 3.5
Various Shocker 3
Wannabe Hasbeens, The Former Trans Future Vol 1 4
Swampdawamp Swampdawamp 3.5
Variant Cause Excavating Variant Cause Volume 2 3
Jubeus Natural Mood 3
Rice, David Seaside Girls 3.5
Shelf Life Ductworks 4
Nagaoag Yama Labam A 3
Shep Shep 3
HB3 Luminosity 2.5
Villalobos, Gina  Miles Away 4
System of a Down Hypnotize 4
Cooper, Alice Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper 5
Various Simpsons: Testify, The 4.5
Various Comedy Death-Ray 3.5
Sugarland Enjoy the Ride 4
Various Hail the DJ! Vol. One 2
Montcalm, T�rez Voodoo 4
Carpet Floor Blow Out 3
Garrett, Karen Marie It's About the Rose 3
Robertson, Stuart World Figured Out 3
Weinstein, Josh Brooklyn Is Sinking 3.5
Dresden Dolls, The A is for Accident 3
Fjord Rowboat Saved the Compliments for the Morning 3
Prophet, Michael Rootsman 4
Knife, The Deep Cuts 4
Robert Rodriguez/John Debney/Graeme Revell Sin City 4
Negativland/Chumbawamba ABCs of Anarchism, The 1.5
Oswalt, Patton Werewolves and Lollipops 4
Justice [Cross] 3.5
Walker, Scott Tilt 4.5
Interpol Our Love to Admire 3
Brownbird Rudy Relic Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues 5
Various Evil Dead: The Musical (Original Cast) 3
Blonde Redhead 23 3.5
Press Fine Are of a White Label, The 3.5
Rodriquez, Robert Grindhouse: Planet Terror 4
Travelling Wilburys, The Travelling Wilburys, The 4.5
Blue Oyster Cult Spectres 4.5
Makaela Secret Me 3.5
Groundtruther Longitude 4.5
Shazzy Attitude: A Hip-Hop RAPsody 3.5
Cat-A-Tac Past Lies and Former Lives 3
Leiana No Going Back 3
Dynamite Jive Bagadope 2
HandCancel 48 Beats of Power, The 3
Ultramagnetic MC's Funk Your Head Up 4
Cartel Chroma 3
T La Rock Lyrical King 4
Dresden Dolls, The Dresden Dolls, The 3.5
Jovi, Bon Lost Highway 3
M�tley Cr�e Greatest Hits 4
Minor Times, The Summer of Wolves 4
Jennyanykind I Need You 3.5
Beatles, The Love 3.5
Tesla Real to Reel 3.5
Marilyn Manson Eat Me, Drink Me 3.5
Lemonheads, The It's a Shame About Ray 4
KRS-One and Marley Marl Hip-Hop Lives 3.5
Proctor and Bergman What This Country Needs 3.5
Just-Ice Kill the Rhythm (Like a Homicide) 3
EPMD Back in Business 2.5
EPMD Back in Business 4
Monty Python Meaning of Life, The 2.5
Squirrels, The Harsh Toke of Reality 3.5
Big Daddy Kane Prince of Darkness 2.5
McKeown, Erin Sing You Sinners 4.5
Goya, Chantal Meilleur, Le 3
Goya, Chantal Dans les 6 chansons du film de Jean-Luc Godard "Masculin-F�minin" 4
Anthony B Higher Meditation 3.5
Doren Twisted Garden 3
Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon 3.5
Bjork Volta 3.5
Red Button, The She's About to Cross My Mind 4.5
Klein, Robert Mind Over Matter 3.5
Nine Inch Nails Year Zero 2.5
Chill Rob G Ride the Rhythm 4
Killers, The Hot Fuss 4.5
Cannibal Corpse Vile 3.5
Ahab Rex Blood On Blonde 2
Dig, The Quiet Parade 3
Hitchcock, Jim Jim Hitchcock 2.5
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver 3
Ratt Ratt & Roll 8191 4
John, Elton Captain and The Kid, The 3.5
Clutch From Beale Street to Oblivion 3.5
Vayo Tango Legends 4
LongRoad This Too Shall Pass 3.5
Thelen, Greg Enough Thunder 2.5
Grandville Grandville 3.5
Sterling Y Ten Comes Twice 4
Airiel Down Vision 3
Poormen Poormen 3.5
Trosper, Richard Ocean, The 3
No I.D. Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) 3.5
Skinny Puppy Greater Wrong of the Right, The 3.5
Zappa, Frank Joe's Garage: Acts I, II, & III 4
John, Elton Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy 5
Schwartz, Paul Sounds of Grace III 3
Magic Sam (or not) Black Magic Blues 3.5
Monkees, The The Essentials 4.5
KS Funky Elevator Music 2.5
Deletist, The Relive 3
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Myth Takes 3.5
Common Market Common Market 4.5
Ivan Ives LA Heat 3
Scholar & TrueBLESS Love Freedom Movement, The 3.5
Firesign Theatre Papoon for President 2.5
Air Pocket Symphony 3
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Adbusters: Live Without Dead Time 4
Big House Pete Junk Punch 2.5
Lisi Damn It!! 3
Osbourne, Ozzy Tribute 4.5
Arcade Fire, The Neon Bible 4
Various Rough Guide to Global Dance: World Beat Carnival - All Areas, The 3.5
Guy, Buddy Damn Right, I've Got the Blues 5
Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon 4
Sexies, The Midnight Raving Angels 3.5
Daughtry Daughtry 3.5
Baker Quartet, Tom Look What I Found 4.5
Brown and His Famous Flames, James Please Please Please 4
Grand Daddy I.U. Lead Pipe 3
Oakenfold, Paul Tranceport 3.5
Scanner and Signs Ov Chaos Scanner Vs. Signs Ov Chaos 3
Cooke, Sam Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964 4.5
Throw The Fight The Fire Within 3.5
Old Ceremony, The Our One Mistake 3.5
Made Out of Babies Coward 4
Sparks Plagiarism 3.5
Mellencamp. John Freedom's Road 4.5
Nas Hip Hop Is Dead 3
Year Of Desolation S/T 4
Clipse Hell Hath No Fury 4.5
Made Out of Babies Trophy 4
Nas Hip Hop Is Dead 4
Bad Brains I Against I 4.5
Smithereens, The Meet The Smithereens 4
Mansell, Clint The Fountain 4
KRS-One Sneak Attack, The 3
KRS-One Life 4
KRS-One KRS-One 4
Swift, Ben Pull 3.5
Baird, Dan Buffalo Nickel 4
Mercyful Fate Return of the Vampire 3
Jackson 5, The Ultimate Collection, The 4.5
Yayhoos, The Put The Hammer Down 4
Twisted Sister Twisted Christmas, A 3
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Boogie Woogie Christmas 4
Guaraldi, Vince A Charlie Brown Christmas (w/ bonus tracks) 5
Stampead Milk & Honey 3
American Black Lung, The And They Rode Their Weapons Into War 3
Red Seven Anywhere But Here 4
Mercyful Fate Don't Break the Oath 4
By The Grace Of God Perspective 4
Silverman, Sarah Jesus is Magic 2.5
Shankar, Ravi West Meets East: The Historic Shankar/Menuhin Sessions 4
Marijuana-Logues, The Marijuana-Logues, The 2.5
Kelly and David As the Twilight Auguries 3.5
Cannibal Corpse Kill 3.5
Otto & George Boy and His Log, A 3
Tenacious D Tenacious D in "The Pick of Destiny" 3.5
Parins and True Love Always, Bob Kissing Rocks, The 4
Bugs Multiply Bugs Multiply 4
Motley Crue Theater of Pain 3
Walker, Scott Drift, The 4.5
Walker, Scott Collection, The 3.5
Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery Radical Reconstructive Surgery 4.5
Flavor Flav Hollywood 1.5
Saafir Good Game: The Transition 3
Costa, Michelle Michelle Costa (preview EP) 2.5
Schroder, Rich Your Kind Words 4
Wally/DJ Willie Ross, DJ Mrs. Miller's House 2.5
Angra Aurora Consurgens 3
Sebastian, Stephen Time 2.5
Grantham Road Parade 3
Ahab Rex Queen of Softcore, The 1.5
Mikey Mo "The MC", Abyss, & Dap Daniel West Bound 3
Soapbox Soldier Mr Dear, Where Do We Begin 3.5
Herbert Wiser Band, The Usable Signal 3
Patterson, Justin Debut 3
Compulsions, The Laughter From Below (EP) 3.5
Willmott, Ben nowhere to go but up 4
Between Two Lions Put This City on My Shoulders 3.5
Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute 3.5
Br�tzmann Octet, Peter Machine Gun 4.5
Williams, Carol Jesus on a Chain 2
Troast, Jon Second Story 3
IAMISEE vs Dj Demon IAMISEE vs Dj Demon 4
Lefco, Jake And You Are? 4
Kaplan, Ron Lounging Around 3
Shepp and Siegfried Kessler, Archie First Take 4
James Superstar Kochalka Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly 4
Kylesa Time Will Fuse Its Worth 4.5
Esoteric, The Subverter 3.5
Sparks Gratuitious Sax & Senseless Violins 4
Arcade Fire, The Funeral 4.5
Firesign Theatre Bride of Firesign, The 3.5
Samhain Final Descent 2.5
Martin, Demetri These Are Jokes 3.5
Jett and The Blackhearts, Joan Sinner 4
No. 9 Where Come From? And Where To? 3.5
Big Daddy Kane Veteranz Day 3
Mars Volta, The Amputechture 3.5
Stanhope, Doug Something to Take the Edge Off 3.5
Williams, David E. Pseudo Erotica and Beyond, 1986-1998 3.5
Wally/DJ Willie Ross, DJ Mrs. Miller's House 4.5
James Superstar Kochalka Our Most Beloved 4.5
Light This City Facing the Thousand 3.5
Firesign Theatre All Things Firesign 3
Monty Python Live! At City Center 2.5
Art of Noise, The Fon Mixes, The 2
Knife, The Silent Shout 3.5
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death 4
Andrew W.K. I Get Wet 4.5
Dresden Dolls, The Yes, Virginia... 3.5
Nash, Liz Peter's Diner 4
Gojira From Mars to Sirius 4
Matisyahu Youth 4
Various Hip-Hop Baby 3.5
Royal Army Recording Co. Mary, Your Ghost is Showing. 3
Prince Po Slickness, The 3.5
Watt, Mike Contemplating the Engine Room 4
Social Distortion White Light, White Heat, White Trash 5
Lefco, Jake Headphones (12") 4
Kennedys, The Songs of the Open Road 4
Carlin, George George Carlin on Comedy 4
Tim Dog Bx Warrior 3.5
Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica 5
Eazy-E Impact of a Legend, The 2
Hagar, Sammy Livin' It Up! 3.5
Shepp, Archie Impulse Story, The 5
Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, Matthew Under The Covers Vol. 1 3.5
Cinderella Still Climbing 3.5
Firesign Theatre Anythynge You Want To: Shakespeare's Lost Comedie 3.5
Ossman, David How Time Flys 3.5
Matmos Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast, The 4.5
Various Natural Born Killers 3
Proctor and Bergman TV or Not TV 4.5
Devo New Traditionalists 3
Iron Maiden Powerslave 4
Priest, Judas Living After Midnight: The Best of Judas Priest 4.5
Skynyrd, Lynyrd One More From The Road 5
Walker, Butch The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites 3.5
Swiz No punches Pulled 5
Rollins Band Life Time 2
Firesign Theatre Not Insane or Anything You Want To 3
Posehn, Brian Live in: Nerd Rage 3.5
Theta Naught Sound Weave 4
Terror LOwest of the Low 4
Burn In Silence Angel Maker 4
นครินทร์ กิ่งศักดิ์ ฉลองครบรอบ 30 ปี 2
Gould, Dana Fun House 4
Forca Macabra/Armagedom Forca Macabra/Armagedom Split LP 1.5
Copout S/T 7" 3
Fudge Tunnel Hate Songs In E Minor 4
Black Flag The First Four Years 5
Black Flag My War 5
Zappa, Frank You Are What You Is 3.5
Cynic Focus 5
Zom Zoms Yellow Rainbow 3.5
Beatles, The Abbey Road 4.5
You, The For the Masses. 3
Eyehategod Dopesick 4.5
Muicipal Waste Waste 'Em All 4
Tragedy Nerve Damage 4.5
Firesign Theatre How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All 5
Cannibal Corpse Wretched Spawn, The 3.5
Birbiglia, Mike Two Drink Mike 3.5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin [Box Set] 5
Shepp, Archie Magic of Ju-Ju, The 4.5
Cannibal Corpse Worm Infested EP 2.5
Firesign Theatre Fighting Clowns 2
Mirman, Eugene En Garde, Society! 3
Various Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked 3
Klymaxx Meeting in the Ladies Room 2.5
Soular Waiting for Tomorrow 3
Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated 4
Sunn O))) Black One 4.5
J Dilla Donuts 4.5
Ohn In the End All Things Begin 4
Austin, Phil Roller Maidens from Outer Space 3.5
Acacia Strain, The The Dead Walk 4
Aviador Dro, El !Electrico! 3
Avenpitch Butterfly Radio 3.5
Stooges, The S/T 5
Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell 4
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain 5
Anthony B Street Knowledge 3.5
Grace, Morgan Sound of Something Breaking, The 4
Devo Duty Now for the Future 4
Hammond, Mike Mike Hammond 3
Shearer, Harry It Must Have Been Something I Said 3
Firesign Theatre Boom Dot Bust 3.5
Waits, Tom Small Change 4.5
Waits, Tom Nighthawks at the Diner 3
Waits, Tom The Heart of Saturday Night 3.5
Waits, Tom Closing Time 5
Zaar Zaar 4
Mr. Nogatco Nogatco Rd. 4
Emulsion Blue Sky Objective 2.5
Mad Dukes, The The Mad Dukes Sing and Play For You 3.5
Spinal Tap This is Spinal Tap 5
CPO To Hell and Black 3.5
Queensryche Operation Mindcrime II 4
Shimmerplanet For the One Who Kills Tomorrow 3.5
Animal Collective Sung Tongs 2.5
Unemployed, The Unemployed (EP), The 3
SOS Guide to Better Living, A 3
Braman, Jon Sprouting Daisies Out of My Hair 3.5
Dio The Very Beast of Dio 5
Jennings, Waylon Ol' Waylon 4.5
Jennings, Waylon Honky Tonk Heroes 5
Lungfish Sound in Time 4.5
Lungfish Rainbows from Atoms 4.5
Once11 Smile Hunter 4
Miller, Rhett The Believer 3
Sparks Kimono My House 4.5
Firesign Theatre Dear Friends 4.5
Miller, Scott and the Commonwealth Citation 4
McGraw, Richard Song and Void Volume 1 3.5
Royksopp Understanding, The 3
Prince 3121 3
Apathy Eastern Philosophy 4.5
Sparks Angst in My Pants 4.5
VTG So Beautiful People Look Away 3.5
Black Culture Lion's Den Adversity 3.5
Yakuza Samsara 4.5
Jermiside & Brickbeats Red Giants, The 4
Sparks Hello Young Lovers 3.5
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak 5
Dozer Through the Eyes of Heathens 4.5
Greatdayforup Flores de Sangre 4.5
Bush, Kate Whole Story, The 4.5
Still Remains Of Love and Lunacy 3
Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not 4
Bliss, Cheryl Sweet Soul Light, The 3
Busch, Birdie Ways We Try, The 4
Devildriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand 4
Faktion S/T 3
Firesign Theatre Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death 4
Sepultura Dante XXI 3.5
Olive, DJ Heaps As, Live in Tasmania 4
Goldfrapp Supernature 3.5
Mike K Simple Story Simply Told, A 3.5
Jennings, Waylon Waylon & Willie 4
Vision Undiscovered 7" 5
Willie Nelson Honeysuckle Rose 4.5
Hank Williams Jr. Hank Williams, Jr.'s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 5
Anti-Cimex Raped Ass 5
Anti-Cimex Victims Of A Bomb Raid 7" 4.5
Anti-Cimex Anarkist Attack 7" 3
Burn S/T 7" 5
Gehenna The war of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness 4.5
Sepultura Dante XXI 4
Nile, Willie Streets of New York 4.5
Farside Rigged 4.5
Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin 4
4 Walls Falling Culture Shock 4.5
Carlin, George You Are All Diseased 4.5
Firesign Theatre I Think We're All Bozos on This Bux 4.5
Martin L. Gore Counterfeit 2.5
Nirvana Incesticide 4
Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York 5
Nirvana In Utero 5
Nirvana Nevermind 5
World Burns To Death The Sucking of the Missile Cock 3.5
Dilated Peoples 20/20 3.5
Firesign Theatre Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra, The 4
Firesign Theatre In the Next World You're On Your Own 3
Carcass Nottingham Rock City 11-14-89 4.5
Baroness Second 4.5
Various Auto Focus 2.5
Various Victory Style  4.5
Barry, Todd Falling Off the Bone 4
Hatebreed Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire 4.5
Nirvana Bleach 4.5
Farside S/T 7" 3
Dag Nasty Can I Say/Wig Out at Denko's 5
Black Flag Damaged 5
Rorschach Autopsy 4
Deathreat S/T 7" 3
World Burns To Death Human Meat...Tossed To The Dogs Of War 7" 4
Firesign Theatre Everything You Know is Wrong 3.5
Carlin, George Complaints and Grievances 3
Spigga 06105: The Mixtape 3
Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation 4
Mirman, Eugene Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, The 3
Integrity Seasons in the Size of Days 4.5
Judge Storm 7" 4.5
Adams, Bryan Reckless 5
Adams, Bryan Waking Up The Neighbors 3.5
Carbon Leaf Indian Summer 3.5
Mars Volta, The De-Loused in the Comatorium 3.5
ZZ Top The Best of ZZ Top 4.5
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy EP 3.5
Buzzov-en Sore 4
Carlin, George Life is Worth Losing 3.5
Lehrer, Tom Songs and More Songs by Tom Lehrer 4
Various John Waters Christmas, A 3.5
Sparks Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing, A 3.5
Nugent, Ted Cat Scratch Fever 4.5
Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune 4.5
Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny 4.5
Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) Blind 4.5
Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) Deliverance 4
Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun 4.5
Orange 9mm Driver Not Included 4
Skalpel Konfusion 4
Skalpel Skalpel 4
Skalpel Sculpture 4.5
Skalpel Polish Jazz 4.5
Skalpel Virtual Cuts 4.5
Beatallica s/t 3.5
Beatallica A Garage Dayz Nite 4
Mastodon Lifesblood (Double 7" ) 4
Smith, Elliott Roman Candle 2.5
Smith, Elliott S/T 4.5
Smith, Elliott Figure 8 4
Smith, Elliott XO 4.5
Smith, Elliott Either/or 4.5
Smith, Elliott From a Basement on the Hill 4
Cadence Songs of Vice & Virtue 3.5
High on Fire Blessed Black Wings 4
Kylesa To Walk a Middle Course 4.5
Riley, Star Hot New Song's (Promo EP) 2.5
Sparks Terminal Jive 3
Dillinger Escape Plan, The Miss Machine 4
Various Nude Dimensions, Vol. 3 2
Holy Frog Blue Banana EP 3.5
Exhumed Gore Metal 4.5
Various Wild at Heart 3
Stray Cats, The Best of the Stray Cats: Back to the Alley, The 4
Carlin, George What Am I Doing in New Jersey? 3
Mike C Top Rawmen Crew Presents, The 4
Firesign Theatre Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand me the Pliers 5
Fountains of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers 4.5
Extreme Pornograffitti 4
Drivin' N' Cryin' The Essential Live Drivin' N' Cryin 4.5
Drivin' N' Cryin' Smoke 3
Drivin' N' Cryin' Fly Me Courageous 4.5
Death Sound of Perseverance 5
Slayer South of Heaven 4.5
Death Individual Thought Patterns 4.5
Beatnuts Intoxicated Demons: The EP 4
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood 4.5
Hot Water Music Fuel for the Hate Game 4.5
Remains of the Day Hanging on Rebellion 4
Confessor Unraveled 3.5
Brutal Truth  Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses 4.5
Obsessed, The The Church Within 4
Tragedy S/T 3.5
Carlin, George Playin' with Your Head 3
Kelly, Brian Pools of Light 2
Carlin, George Place for My Stuff!, A 3.5
Carlin, George Jammin' in New York 3.5
Brooks, Garth Double Live 3.5
Various Mulholland Dr. 3
Tony Rebel If Jah 4.5
Blackalicious Craft, The 3.5
Drivin' N' Cryin' Wrapped In Sky 4
Barry, Todd Medium Energy 4
Kool Keith and Nancy Des Rose White Label Mix Series Volume 1 2
Wilson, Jim Place In My Heart, A 2
Various Napoleon Complex 2.5
Firesign Theatre Shoes for Industry! The Best of the Firesign Theatre 4.5
Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers 4.5
Lifetime Hello Bastards 3.5
Neurosis Souls at Zero 4.5
Pentagram Turn to Stone 4
Obituary World Demise 3.5
Majxsty Wicked 1.5
R & G Love to Remember, A 3
Various Christmas Cocktail 4
Vulgar Bulgars, The Manishevitz Before Breakfast 4.5
Jesus Lizard, The Down 3.5
Melvins, The Houdini 4
Various Aristocrats [Original Soundtrack], The 2.5
Down NOLA 4.5
Ripping Corpse Dreaming with the Dead 4
Mohan As Is Where Is 2.5
Queensryche Operation Livecrime 4
Various Invite Them Up 3.5
Aces Over Kings What Doesn't Kill You... 3
Drivin' N' Cryin' Mystery Road 4
Drivin' N' Cryin' Whisper Tames the Lion 3.5
Drivin' N' Cryin' Scarred But Smarter 3.5
Dokken Under Lock and Key 3.5
Dio Holy Diver 4
Def Leppard High N Dry 3.5
Def Leppard Pyromania 5
Baird, Dan  Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired 4
Lynyrd Skynyrd Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd 5
Beyond the Fringe Beyond the Fringe [Orginal London Cast] 3.5
Allman Brothers Band, The Idlewild South 4.5
Entombed Wolverine Blues 3
Hartman, Phil Flat TV 3
Squarepusher Maximum Priest E.P. 2.5
ABBA Definitive Collection, The 4.5
Twisted Sister Love is for Suckers 2
Twisted Sister Come Out and Play 4
King Diamond Abigail 5
Malevolent Creation Retribution 4.5
Burn the Priest S/T 4
Engine Kid Angel Wings 1.5
Blue Bird Blue Bird E.P. 1
Judas Factor, The Ballads in Blue China 1.5
Ray & Porcell S/T 1.5
Lifetime The Seven Inches 3
Lifetime Background 2
Reed, Lou Magic and Loss 2
Reed. Lou Rock N Roll Animal 4.5
Reed, Lou Transformer 5
Reed, Lou Berlin 4.5
Strokes, The Is This It 2.5
Danzig IV 2
Danzig Danzig III: How the Gods Kill 4.5
Danzig S/T 4.5
Danzig Danzig II: Lucifuge 4.5
Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade 4.5
Black Crowes, The The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion 4.5
Black Crowes, The Shake Your Money Maker 4
Axe 20 Years From Home - The Best of Axe 3
Escovedo, Alejandro A Man Under the Influence 4.5
Rothberg, Michael Adam All The Whispering 3.5
Various Cecil B. Demented 2.5
Boston Don't Look Back 1.5
Boston S/T 5
NOFX White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean 3.5
NOFX Punk in Drublic 4.5
NOFX So Long & Thanks for All the Shoes 1.5
NOFX S&M Airlines .5
NOFX Ribbed 1
Quicksand Slip 5
Quicksand Manic Compression 4.5
Dylan, Bob Desire 5
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 5
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 4.5
Clutch Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths 4
Clutch S/T 4.5
King, B.B. Live at The Regal 5
Son Volt Okemah and the Melody of Riot 4
Bell, Lisa It's All About Love 3
Alexander, Monty Monty Meets Sly & Robbie 2.5
Franks, Michael Watching the Snow 3.5
Minor Threat Complete Discography 5
Bad Brains S/T 5
Soul Side Soon Come Happy 5
Embrace S/T 5
Rites of Spring End on End 5
Quicksand S/T E.P. 5
Gorilla Biscuits S/T 7" 5
Shelter Mantra 5
Shelter Perfection of Desire 4.5
Youth of Today S/T 7" 4
Youth of Today Break Down the Walls 1.5
Carlin, George Parental Advisory: Explicity Lyrics 3.5
Samhain Final Descent 3.5
Samhain Initium 3.5
Samhain November Coming Fire 4.5
Confessor Condemned 4.5
Carter, Deana Father Christmas 3.5
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys' Christmas Album 5
Lee, Phil You Should Have Known Me Then 4
Graham, John Dee Horray for the Moon 3
Walker, Butch Left of Self-Centered 4
Marvelous 3, The The Hey! Album 4
Great Big Sea Sea of No Cares 3
Selby, Mark Dirt 4
Rob Russell & The Sore Losers I Think We're Gonna Be Alright 5
Gwar America Must Be Destroyed 4
Gwar Scumdogs of the Universe 4.5
Coalesce Give Them Rope 3.5
Probot S/T 4
Queensryche Tribe 3.5
Knight, Chris The Jealous Kind 3
Kennedys, The Stand 4.5
Valenzuela, Jesse Tunes Young People Will Enjoy 3
Cinderella Heartbreak Station 4
Great Big Sea Something Beautiful 4
Iron Maiden Dance of Death 3.5
Old 97s Alive & Wired 4.5
Metallica S/T 2.5
Metallica ...And Justice for All 5
Metallica Ride the Lightning 4.5
Megadeth Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? 4.5
Megadeth So Far, So Good...So What! 2
Avail One Wrench 2
Smiths, The Louder Than Bombs 4.5
Who, The Tommy 4
Who, The Live at Leeds 5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV 5
Various Vintage Chill Volume 4, Winter 3
Avail Over the James 4
Avail Live at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco 4.5
Alkaline Trio Good Mourning 4
Alkaline Trio From Here to Infirmary  4
Allman Brothers Band, The At Fillmore East 4
Frampton, Peter Frampton Comes Alive! 3.5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II 4
Led Zeppelin S/T 5
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry 5
Judas Priest British Steel 4.5
AC/DC Back in Black 5
AC/DC Highway to Hell 5
Misfits,The Box Set 5
Inside Out No Spiritual Surrender 5
108 Songs of Separation 4
Holding On Just Another Day  2
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today 5
Sick of It All Scratch the Surface 4
Slayer Reign in Blood 5
Metallica Master of Puppets 5
Avail Satiate 3
Avail 4 AM Friday 4.5
Alkaline Trio Crimson 2
Against Me! Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose  4.5
Frampton, Peter I'm In You 1.5
Anthrax Persistence of Time 4.5
King, Carole Tapestry 5
Carpenters, The The Singles 1969-1973 4.5
Megadeth Rust in Peace 4.5
Cross Canadian Ragweed Soul Gravy 4
Buffett, Jimmy License To Chill 3
Walker, Butch Letters 4.5
Evenout Drown Inside 4
Two Cow Garage The Wall Against Our Back 4
Elders, The American Wake 4
Gingersol Eastern 3.5
Young, Neil Live Rust 4
Mitchell, Joni Blue 5
Various Vintage Chill Volume 3, Autumn 3.5
Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor 3
Hellshock Only The Dead Know The End of War 4.5
RPG Fulltime/High Performace 4
Nile Annihilation of the Wicked 3
Superjoint Ritual A Lethal Dose of Anerican Hatred 3.5
Tragedy Vengeance 4.5
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 5
Dylan, Bob Blood on the Tracks 5
Dylan, Bob Live at the Gaslight 1962 4
Aerosmith Rocks 5
Various Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Vol. 1 4
Alabama Thunderpussy Staring at the Divine 4
Assuck Anticapital Blindspot 3.5
Buzzov-en To A Frown 3.5
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 5
Clumsy Lovers, The Smart Kid 4
Harvey Danger Little By Little 3.5
Russell & The Sore Losers, Rob Lucky On The Side 4.5
Jovi, Bon Have A Nice Day 3
Kennedys, The Half A Million Miles 4
Doom Police Bastard 7" 3.5
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake 4.5
His Hero Is Gone Monuments to Thieves 4
His Hero is Gone 15 Counts of Arson 3.5
Discharge Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 4
Lamb of God As the Palaces Burn 2.5
Mastodon Leviathan 4.5
Kylesa S/T 4.5
Lamb of God New American Gospel 4
Black Sabbath Paranoid 5
Amebix Arise!  4.5
New Pornographers, The Twin Cinema 4
Del-Lords, The Get Tough: The Best of the Del-Lords 4
Various Magowl Presents The Remixes Vol. 3 3.5
Buckethead and Friends Enter the Chicken 3.5
Zappa, Frank Zoot Allures 4.5
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth 3.5
Hicks, Bill Salvation: Oxford-November 11, 1992 5
Goldfrapp Number 1 3
Animal Collective Feels 3.5
Pryor, Richard Black Ben the Blacksmith 3
Various Tonal Evidence (USA) 2
Deletist, The Deletist, The 3
Ming & Ping MP2 3
Depeche Mode Playing the Angel 4
Skillz Confessions of a Ghostwriter 3
Rev Run Distortion 4
Various Return of the Living Dead, The 3.5
Bjork Drawing Restraint 9 3.5
Zappa, Frank and the Mothers Roxy and Elsewhere 3.5
McLachlan, Sarah Bloom: Remix Album 2
Cage Hell's Winter 3.5
Ciani, Suzanne Silver Ship 3
Beatles, The Beatles, The (White Album) 4.5
Van Halen Van Halen 5
Stellastarr* Harmonies for the Haunted 2.5
Ganxsta NIP Return!!! (of the Psychopath), The 3
Nine Cloud 9 3
Clutch Robot Hive: Exodus 3.5
Arab Strap Monday at the Hug and Pint 3.5
Jesus and Mary Chain, The 21 Singles 1984-1998 4
Evette Lately 2
Nine Nine Livez 4
Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress 4
Strykers Club Unleashed! 2.5
Bolo, Yami Rebelution 4
Nelson, Willie Countryman 3
I Wayne Lava Ground 3.5
Rage Against the Machine Renegades 3.5
Rolling Stones, The Exile on Main St. 4.5
Juan Maclean, The Less Than Human 3.5
Mad Happy Renegade Geeks 2.5
Kinison, Sam Leader of the Banned 1.5
Cure, The Disintegration 3
Spoon Gimme Fiction 3.5
Robotobibok Nawyki Przyrody 4.5
Cooper, Jessie Allen Pacific Lounge 1.5
Made Out of Babies Trophy 4.5
Kool Keith Lost Masters Volume 2 2.5
Shriekback Dancing Years, The 2
Various Pecker 3.5
Various Sopranos: Music from the HBO Original Series, The 4.5
Reinhardt, Django Djangology 5
Various Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Album, The 2
Foo Fighters In Your Honor 3.5
Zappa, Frank Tinsel Town Rebellion 3
De La Soul Grind Date, The 3.5
Various Tease!: The Beat of Burlesque 4
Shepp, Archie Black Gipsy 4.5
Six Finger Satellite Paranormalized 3.5
Carillo and the Bandoleros, Frank Bad Out There 3
Iyer and Mike Ladd, Vijay In What Language? 3.5
Danzig Thrall/Demonsweatlive 2.5
Edan Beauty and the Beat 4.5
Lyrics Born Same !@#$ Different Day 4
Various Six Feet Under, Vol. 2: Everything Ends 3.5
Tangerine Dream Sorcerer 3.5
Gang Gang Dance God's Money 4
Krumbz Kontentz Under Pressure 3.5
Various My Summer of Love 3.5
Pontiak White Buffalo 4
Na Pink 3.5
Rice, Johnathan Trouble is Real 1.5
S.P.I.C.S., The Spanish Poets Invading Colorado Streets 2.5
Shepp, Archie Sea of Faces, A 4
Various Jazz Underground: Live at Smalls 4.5
40th Dimension Crop Report, The 4
Carpenter, John Christine 3
Munkie Chemical Process 3.5
House of Heroes House of Heroes 2
Dexter Danger Hellafornia 2.5
Quesada and Brainchild, Adrian In Your Right Mind 3.5
Portishead Portishead 4.5
Original Concept Straight From the Basement of Kooley High 2.5
Lavendar, Julie Never Felt the Sun 3
Halfset Dramanalog 3.5
Feist Let It Die 3.5
Afu-Ra State of the Arts 2.5
Various Eyes Wide Shut 3.5
Various Monty Python's Spamalot 3.5
Belle and Sebastian Push Barman to Open Old Wounds 4.5
D.I.T.C. Live at Tramps 3.5
Cash, Johnny At Folsom Prison 5
Mars Volta, The Frances the Mute 4
Wha-ha-ha Shinutokiwa Betsu 4
Metro Area Metro Area 3.5
UTFO Skeezer Pleezer 2
Czerwone Gitary O Miłości 3.5
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses 4
Zom Zoms One Brain 3.5
Casionauts, The !Bailarnos Mormos Juntos! 3.5
Monster-0 ... And Then There Were Zero 3.5
Markay, Barbara Shambhala Dance 3.5
Hicks, Bill Dangerous 4.5
Eyedea & Abilities E & A 4
Dunn, Mark Return to Peace 3
McCulloch, Bruce Shame-Based Man 4.5
Badalamenti, Angelo Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 3
Various Hedwig and the Angry Inch 4.5
M.I.A. Arular 3.5
Skinny Boys, The Weightless 4
Quasimoto Further Adventures of Lord Quas, The 3
Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra, The Barbarella 3
Monty Python Final Rip Off, The 5
Various Blue Velvet 3.5
Peanuts, The Peanuts, The 4
Subtitle Young Dangerous Heart 3.5
Bloc Party Silent Alarm 3.5
Mainhart, Kristin Stranger Things 4.5
Tel Aviv Lay Me Down 3.5
Popp and His Orchestra, Andre Holiday for DJ's 4
Various Super Rap: Original Rap & Hip Hop from Harlem's P&P Records 2
Zappa, Frank Them or Us 3
Rush Presto 3
Various Definitive Jux Teaser 2005 2.5
Young Gods Second Nature 2.5
Melt Banana Scratch or Stitch 3.5
Raveonettes, The Pretty in Black 3.5
Various Music from The O.C: Mix 4 3
Various Global Soul 3.5
Air Talkie Walkie 3.5
RBL Posse Lesson to Be Learned, A 3
Diego Diego Quema Quema 2.5
Doves Some Cities 4
Light, Enoch Spaced Out 4.5
Acceptance Phantoms 3
Fischerspooner Odyssey 3.5
Funkdoobiest Which Doobie U Be? 3.5
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Source Tags and Codes 4
Divine Styler Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light 3
Freeland, Adam On Tour 3
Trends of Culture Trendz... 3.5
Brand Nubian Fire In the Hole 2.5
De La Soul Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 3.5
Rise of the Speedman Introduction 4
Mahal, Taj Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Taj Mahal 4
Negativland Over the Edge, Vol. 2--Pastor Dick: Muriel's Purse Fund 4
Chiron, Nicolas Music of Biorhythm Vol. 2 3
Tarika Blue Tarika Blue 3
Negativland Free 3
Air Sexy Boy 2.5
J-Zone Job Ain't Nuthin But Work, A 3.5
Out Hud Let Us Never Speak of It Again 4.5
Garfunkle Splash (EP) 4
Various Nervous Reanimated 2
Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children 5
Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa Wykorzenienie 4.5
Pink Freud Jazz Fajny Jest 4.5
Baldread and the Raggamuffin Crew Inna Dancehall 3
Jesu Jesu 4
Daft Punk Human After All 3
Shepp, Archie Poem for Malcolm 4
Shepp, Archie Live at the Pan African Festival 4
Various Six Feet Under: Music from the HBO Original Series 2.5
Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle 4.5
Justice System Rooftop Soundtrack 3.5
Various Soca Explosion 2000 3.5
Kimmy & Klasse Love of Music, The 3
Dirty Water. That Good Dirty Water Mixtape 3
ekorB Brokenomics 2
Rack-Lo Aracknofoebia: The Art of Webslinging 3
Smiths, The Rank 3
Dirty Water. Drowning 3
Crest, The Binge Thinking 4
Rush Chronicles 4.5
Dung Meister General D.M.G. Obnoxious Vanity Project 3
T. Rex Futursitic Dragon 3.5
Bushman Better Place, A 3.5
T. Rex Tanx 4.5
Caninus Now the Animals Have a Voice 3.5
T. Rex Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow 2
Various We Three Kings 3
Trinity Hi-Fi Fuego 3
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life 3
Godflesh Godflesh 3.5
Various Dancehall Hits 2000 2
Moby Play 3
LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem 4
Stefani, Gwen Love.Angel.Music.Baby 3.5
Rock, Chris Never Scared 4
Maya & Sage Spirit of Love: Devotional Chanting & Spiritual Love Songs 2
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake 3.5
Princess Superstar Last of the Great 20th Century Composers 3.5
Uber Cool Kung Fu 3 3
Various Hairspray 4
Erasure Innocents, The 4
Montgomery, Wes Complete Riverside Recordings, The 5
Mr. Bungle Disco Volante 4
Cortez, Chris Mum Is the Word 3
Belle and Sebastian Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like a Peasant 3.5
Chemical Brothers, The Life is Sweet 2.5
Luxxury Drunk EP, The 3
Amoeba with Mouth Amoeba with Mouth (EP) 4
Chemical Brothers, The Push the Button 3.5
agd echolokator 3
M83 Before the Dawn Heals Us 3
My Dying Bride Angel and the Dark River, The 4
Geto Boys Foundation 3.5
Various Checkmate: Empire Builder 2
Adair, Beegie Affair to Remember, An 3.5
Nyman, Michael Claim, The 3
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline 5
Weiss Quintett, Hans'che Dja Maro Drom 3.5
E'morey E'morey 2
Shepp, Archie On This Night 4.5
Vangelis Blade Runner 4
Various Dirty Shame, A 3.5
MC Chris Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp 3
Modest Mouse Build Nothing Out of Something 4
Mastodon Leviathan 3.5
B-52s, The Cosmic Thing 4
Chemical Brothers, The Exit Planet Dust 3.5
Chuck D Autobiography of Mistachuck 3
Metallica Metallica 5
Various Metropolis 2004 2
Bowie, David Heroes 5
Various Rough Trade Shops: Indie Pop 1 4
Clash, The Combat Rock 3.5
Dead Milkmen, The Big Lizard in My Backyard 4
AZ Doe or Die 3.5
Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues 4
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel (3, Melt) 4.5
Slint Spiderland 4
Dizkret/Praktik IQ 3.5
Maroons Ambush 3.5
Chemical Brothers, The Block Rockin' Beats 3.5
Madonna Bedtime Stories 3
Praktik Dobra Czestotiwosc 3.5
Behan, Jimmy Days Are What We Live In 3.5
Deep Thinkers Necks Move 4
Rise Arise In Music (EP) 3.5
X-Clan Xodus 3.5
Black Strobe Chemical Sweet Girl EP 2.5
Nyman, Michael The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover 4
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand 3.5
Cohen, Leonard Dear Heather 4
Queen Platinum Collection (Greatest Hits I, II & III), The 4.5
Various Final Mission 3
Warsaw Pakt Needle Time 3.5
Francis, Sage Personal Journals 4
Sly & Robbie Riddim: The Best of Sly and Robbie in Dub 1978-1985 4.5
Edan Sprain Your Tape Deck 4.5
Various DFA Compilation #2 4
Philips, Emo E=MO2 4
Pink Grease All Over You 3.5
Playgroup Partymix Volume One 3
Nyman, Michael Live 3.5
Kool Keith featuring Kutmasta Kurt Diesel Truckers 3.5
Soft Pink Truth, The Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth? 3.5
Paktofonika Archiwum Kinematografii 4
Primus Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People 3.5
Z-Trip, DJ Live in Los Angeles, CA 2003 3.5
McKenzie, Bob and Doug Great White North 2
Skinny Puppy Singles Collect, The 4.5
King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair 3
Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 [3-CD] 3
Babyland Finger, The 4
Brightman, Sarah Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection, The 4
Sonic, Rob Telicatessen 4.5
Depeche Mode Singles 81>85, The 4.5
Padmanabhan, Raajeswari Music of the Veena II 4.5
Pixies, The Surfer Rosa 5
Burnside, R.L. Bothered Mind, A 3
Eno, Brian Another Green World 4.5
Caliman, Hadley Projecting 4
Nas Illmatic 4.5
Coltrane, John A Love Supreme (Deluxe 2002 Edition) 5
Various Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars & Sitars 3.5
Oingo Boingo Only a Lad 4.5
Various Avenue Q: Original Broadway Cast Recording 3
Dub Specialists, The Dub to Dub, Volume Three: Loop to Loop 2.5
Various Clockwork Orange, A 5
Faithfull, Marianne Secret Life, A 3
Bug, The Pressure 3.5
Interpol Antics 4
Manson, Marilyn Lest We Forget: The Best of 4
Various Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 3.5
Longo, Mike Trio Still Swingin' 3
Lhamo, Yungchen Tibet Tibet 3.5
Sattajah, Edu Edu Sattajah 4
Longo, Mike and the New York State of the Art Jazz Ensemble Oasis 4
Nyman, Michael Zed and Two Noughts, A 3.5
Skamper Fever Pitch 2.5
Sage, Rachael Ballads and Burlesque 3
Rascal, Dizzee Showtime 4
Southway Electroganic 3
Author, Da I Charge Y'all By the Word 3
Rafferty Trio, Adam Three Souls 3.5
Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom 4
Food for Animals Scavengers 4
Krush, DJ Jaku 3.5
808 State 808:88:98 3.5
Cam, DJ Liquid Hip-Hop 3.5
Various Karma Response Unit Presents The Hogan Fam 3.5
Cure, The Wish 3
Bjork Med�lla 4
Phair, Liz Whip-Smart 3
Various Afrika Underground: Jazz, Funk & Fusion Under Apartheid 4
Clash, The Super Black Market Clash 3
Barman, MC Paul Paulellujah 4
Fall, The 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong: 39 Golden Greats 4.5
Phair, Liz Exile in Guyville 4
Scarface Fix, The 3.5
Kool Keith Personal Album, The 2
L.L. Cool J DEFinition, The 2
Capri Boogie Man 3.5
Oddzar Oddzar 3
Blur Best of Blur, The 4
Rivers, Sam Paragon 4.5
Stakka & Skynet Clockwork 3
Leak Brothers (Cage and Tame One), The Waterworld 3.5
Carlin, George Back in Town 3
Andrew Octopus Time Travel is Possible 3
Michael, Jeffrey After the Storm 2.5
Stockdale, Mary Martin Timeless 3
Prince Hits 1, The 4
Pimp Tea Urbal Remedy, An 3.5
Shepp, Archie Fire Music 4.5
Prince Hits 2, The 4.5
M83 Run Into Flowers 3
Aerosmith Pandora's Box 4
Cure, The Galore 4.5
M-LAB From Baser Elements 3
Bjork All is Full of Love 4.5
Free Radicals Aerial Bombardment 4
Godflesh Selfless 4
Pidżama Porno Koncertówka - Part 2 - Drugi szczyt 3.5
Various Cats (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 5
M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts 4
Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 3.5
Various Bare Skin Compilation 3.5
N.W.A Straight Outta Compton 5
Trunk, Jonny Inside Outside, The 4
Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die 4
Avalanches, The Since I Left You 1.5
Insult 2 Injury Soft Automation 3.5
Phonosychographdisk vs The Filthy Ape Mooch the Moose: Smack Dealer to the Stars 3.5
DJ ESP & Awol One Three Eyed Cowz Presents Four Eyed Mortalz 2.5
Various Unreleased Incidental Music from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead 5
B., Howie Snatch 2
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds 5
Mirwais Production 3
Sigur Ros ( ) 4
LFO Frequencies 5
Matmos Matmos 3
Durutti Column, The Return of the Durutti Column, The 4
Goldfrapp Black Cherry (single) 3.5
Matmos Quasi-Objects 3.5
Branca, Glenn Lesson No. 1 4
Air Moon Safari 4
Various Boy George's Taboo (Original London Cast) 3
Goldfrapp Strict Machine 2
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain 5
Fleshcrawl Made of Flesh 3.5
Various Holding Hands: Rare Jazz/Fusion Gems From Polish Vaults Vol. 2 4
Various Bazaar: Rare Jazz/Fusion Gems From Polish Vaults Vol. 1 4.5
Various Resurrection: The Amplified Bible of Heavenly Grooves 4
Thievery Corporation Outernational Sound, The 3
Drake, Nick Pink Moon 4.5
S.O.N. Blood and Fire 4
Arsenal Oyebo Soul 3
Various A Blow to the State 3.5
Curry, Tim Fearless 2.5
Talking Heads Little Creatures 4
Cattle Decapitation Humanure 3.5
Various WWE Originals 2
Various DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Hits 4.5
Sublime Sublime 3.5
Various Lyricist Lounge West Coast 3
Various Jesus Christ Superstar (Highlights from the 20th Anniversary London Cast Recording) 3
Various Glasgow Underground presents Explorations in Chill 3
Raczynski, Bogdan Ibiza Anthems, Vol. 4 2
Joplin, Janis Pearl 5
Perry, Lee "Scratch" Millennium Collection: The Best of Lee "Scratch" Perry, The 4
Coldcut and DJ Food Fight/DJ Krush Cold Krush Cuts/Back in the  2
Royksopp Melody A.M. 4
Bjork Vespertine Live 3
Brightman, Sarah Eden 2.5
Jesus and Mary Chain, The Automatic 2.5
Anal Cunt I Like It When You Die 3.5
Army of the Pharaohs Rare Shit, Collabos, and Freestyles 4
Streets, The Weak Become Heroes (Remixes) 4
Pearl Jam Vs. 4
Modest Mouse Moon and Antarctica, The 3.5
Penguin Caf� Orchestra When in Rome... 4
Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs 4
Various Street Figher (MPS) 3
Fannypack So Stylistic 4
Burton L. Spy Life 3.5
Ming & Ping 3
Bateau Lavoir and Archie Shepp Bateau Lavoir + Archie Shepp Live 4.5
Various Kill Bill, Vol. 2 3
Various Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Vol. 2: Well Flavoured Essentials 4
Various Kill Bill, Vol. 1 4
Main Flow Hiphopulation 3
3-X-Klan Dom Pełen Drzwi 3.5
Dr. Dre Chronic, The 5
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Louden Up Now 4
Massive Attack Teardrop 4
Miss Kittin I Com 3
Various Twin Peaks 5
Bustin' Melonz Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out 3
C.E.B. Countin' Endless Bank 2
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 4
Burning Spear Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2001 4
Fall, The Live at the Witch Trials 4.5
Dieselboy Dungeonmaster's Guide, The 4
Nas Stillmatic 3
Soft Pink Truth, The Do You Party? 4
Jermiside Biology of Kingship, The 3.5
Ween Live in Chicago 4
Felix da Housecat Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever 3
Pooh, D.J. Bad Newz Travels Fast 3
Run Run Run Drizzle EP 2.5
Various Eastern Conference All-Stars 3 3.5
2Mex 2Mex 3
Oswalt, Patton Feelin' Kinda Patton 4
Various Lost Highway 3.5
Morrissey You Are the Quarry 3.5
Streets, The Grand Don't Come for Free, A 4.5
Subatomic Warp Almost One Cloud Formation 3.5
Williams, Billy Paul Porter Project, The 2.5
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 5
GZA/Genius Liquid Swords 5
Plan: Be Antiform 3.5
Tajai Power Movement 3
Slits, The Cut 4.5
Pump, DJ Golden Era 90-94 Volume 1 4
Cure, The Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 3.5
Blonde Redhead Misery is a Butterfly 3.5
Cross, David It's Not Funny 3.5
Logic, DJ Live at the Knitting Factory: February 7, 2002 3.5
Various Rebel Radio 3.5
D/Form What Are You Thinking? 4
Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons 4
Liars They Threw Us All in a Trench and Put a Monument on Top 4.5
Ladytron Softcore Jukebox 3.5
Yat-Kha Tundra's Ghosts 3.5
Numbers Numbers Life 3
X-ecutioners Murder The Classix 3.5
Brand New  Deja Entendu 4
Cannibal Corpse Wretched Spawn, The 3.5
Cardigans, The First Band on the Moon 4
Antelope Antelope EP 2
Alkaline Trio, The Good Mourning 4.5
Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose 3
AFI Sing the Sorrow 4
Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth 2.5
Budyn Kilof 3
Eddie Def Hemp Lords Vol. 2 4
Eddie Def Hemp Lords Vol. 1 4
Front Line Assembly Re-Wind 2.5
Babbletron Ramble at a Discount 3.5
Mad Professor It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Professor 4.5
Mad Professor Lost Scrolls of Moses, The 3
Portishead Dummy 4
Rock and C.L. Smooth, Pete Main Ingredient, The 4
Clutch Blast Tyrant 3
Yes 90125 4
Various Shock Treatment 3
Amos, Tori From the Choirgirl Hotel 4
Liars They Were Wrong, So We Drowned 4
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News 4
Irene, DJ Fearless 3
Golden Boy with Miss Kittin Or 3
Amos, Tori Boys for Pele 3
Porto, Fernanda Porto, Fernanda 3.5
Perry, Lee "Scratch" and I-Roy Sensimilla Showdown 3.5
Qwiet Rhyme + Revolution 2.5
Various Zen: A Ninja Tune Retrospective 4
Kelis Milkshake 4
Strokes, The Room on Fire 4
Franti, Michael and Spearhead Everyone Deserves Music 4.5
Melt Banana Cell-Scape 3.5
Melt Banana Teeny Shiny 4
Mudville Glory of Man Is Not In Vogue, The 4
Green and His Orchestra, Bernie Futura 4.5
Spair, DJ Hip Hop's Best Kept Secret (The Old Skool) Volume I 4.5
Tinee Bring-u-something 3
Instruction Shuttle Open Sad Circuit 3.5
Kincaid, David Irish Volunteer: Songs of the Irish Union Solider 1861-1865, The 4.5
Beef Humper The Glorious Future Of Mankind, Part Two 2.5
Jalan Jalan Bali 2
Dub Specialist Dub Store Special 3.5
Scientist The Best Dub Album in the World 3
Edan the DJ Fast Rap 5
Smooty Tame the Dark EP 3
Various Definitive Jux Presents III 3.5
Laswell, Bill Emerald Aether: Shape Shifting 2.5
Double D/Steinski/DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist/Shortkut Ultimate Lesson, The 5
TV on the Radio Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes 3
Tricky Pre-Millenium Tension 4
Yak Ballz My Claim 3.5
This Will Hurt You Proliferated Palpitations 3.5
Nearly God (Tricky) Nearly God 4
Lunchbox Anyways 4
Various BBQ Beets II: Return of the Yams 4
Various Trip Hop Test, Part 2, The 3.5
Trans Am TA 3
Schoolly D Am I Black Enough For You? 3.5
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger 4.5
Soundgarden Down on the Upside 4
Dalal, Yair Al Ol 4
Various Street Jams: Back 2 the Old School, Part 2 4.5
Four Tet Rounds 4.5
Michael, George Faith 5
Budowitz Mother Tongue - Music of the 19th Century Klezmorim 4
Fatboy Slim Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars 3
Trans Am Liberation 3.5
Woods, William Cobalt Blue 2.5
LCD Soundsystem Yeah 4
Jay-Z Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter 3.5
Greenberg, Georgia & August Sing Songs for You and Me 5
Danger Mouse/Jay-Z/The Beatles Grey Album, The 4
Flatlinerz U.S.A. 2
Doug E. Fresh Play 2.5
Various Two Zombies Later 4
Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant 3
Pink Floyd Wall, The 4
XTC White Music 3
Williams, David E. Hope Springs a Turtle 4
Minogue, Kylie Body Language 4
Jett, Joan and the Blackhearts Fit to Be Tied: Great Hits by Joan Jett 4.5
Pete Rock PeteStrumentals 3.5
Basement Jaxx and Dizzee Rascal Lucky Star 3.5
Cure, The Join the Dots: B-sides and Rarities, 1978-2001 4.5
Locust, The Plague Soundscapes 4
Moondoc, Jemeel and William Parker New World Pygmies 4.5
Various John Carpenter's Escape from New York 4.5
I-F Fucking Consumer 3.5
Oi Va Voi Laughter Through Tears 4
Rascal, Dizzee Boy in da Corner 4.5
Meat Beat Manifesto Original Fire 2.5
Jackson, Michael Thriller 5
Leftfield Rhythm and Stealth 3
Sweeten, Ann Sapphire Days 3
Capleton Praises to the King 3.5
Yat-Kha Dalai Beldiri 4
Newcleus Space Is the Place 3
Willie D Play Witcha Mama 2
Massive Attack Protection 3
Newcomer, Carrie Betty's Diner: The Best of... 3
Madonna Music 3.5
Wild Carrot Hope 1
Tricky Maxinquaye 5
Kapela Drewutnia i uod sie i do sie 4
Lords of Acid Heaven is an Orgasm 1.5
Hi Council Full Report, The 4
Fat Cat Clique, Da Ode to the Cool Cat 3
Screechy Dan Mission, The 2.5
Various Saturday Night Fever 5
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 3.5
Shepp, Archie Soul Song 3
Aerosmith Pump 4
Moore, Kelly Celebrate! .5
Sexton, Colleen Greatest Find 3
Noisy Minority First Silence 4
Anotha Level On Anotha Level 3
Newcleus Jam On Revenge 2.5
Shepp, Archie Stream 4
Minott, Sugar Happy Together 2
Prime Cuts, DJ Hip-Hop Don't Stop - The Greatest 4.5
Dibbs, Mr. Turntable Hardcore Vol. 1 4
Various Hogan Family EP, The 3.5
Various Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International Vol. 1 3
Goscie z Nizin Gosciniec 3.5
Various Return of the DJ Vol. V 4
T. Raumschmiere Radio Blackout 3
Black Star Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star 4
Golec uOrkiestra Golec uOrkiestra 1 4
Bjork Live at the Royal Opera House 4.5
Junior Senior Shake Your Coconuts 3.5
Matthew Herbert Big Band, The Goodbye Swingtime 4
Goldfrapp Black Cherry 3.5
YZ Sons of the Father 4
Didg, Dr. Dusty Devils 3
Various Best of Reggae Hip Hop Remixes 2
Lords of the New Church, The Lords of the New Church, The 4
Visage Damned Don't Cry, The 4
Various Mutated Christmas, A 2.5
Yat-Kha Aldyn Dashka 4
Connick Jr., Harry Harry for the Holidays 4
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 3.5
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 4.5
Various Christmas Cocktails 4
Mad Mobster, The Lyrical Murderer 1969 2.5
Carcass Reek of Putrefaction 3
Various Flex Your Head 4
Creamer, John and Stephane K Bedrock 3
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness 4.5
Madonna Nothing Fails 2.5
Madonna American Life 3.5
Bleubird Sloppy Doctor 4
Bjork Venus as a Boy 4.5
Smiths, The Best of the Smiths Vol. 2, The 3
DM & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life 4
Tietchens, Asmus Adventures in Sound + Nachtst�cke 4
Peterson, Oscar Oscar Peterson Christmas, An 3
Plastikman Closer 3.5
Misfits, The Collection II 3.5
Misfits, The Misfits 5
Morbid Angel Formulas Fatal to the Flesh 4.5
Various Reindeer Room Volume II, The 3
Sepultura Arise 4
Larner, Brett Itadakimasu: Improvised Duets 1994-2000 4
Carcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass 3.5
Monster-0 Entertainment System 3.5
Scarface Mr. Scarface is Back 4.5
Brand Nubian In God We Trust 3
Ball, Jeff Songs of Winter 3.5
John Doe (1200 Hobos) Popular Fallacies (True Lies) 4.5
Brand Nubian One for All 4.5
McGriff, Jimmy and Lucky Thompson Friday the 13th at the Cook County Jail 3.5
Yaggfu Front Secret Tapes, The 3
Cooper, Jerome and Thomas Buckner Alone, Together, Apart 4
Madonna Immaculate Collection, The 4.5
Devo Freedom of Choice 4
Blink End is High, The 3.5
Chic C'est Chic 3
Switchblade Symphony Serpentine Gallery 4
Blue Oyster Cult Club Ninja 2
Switchblade Symphony Three Calamities, The 3.5
Cure, The Staring at the Sea: The Singles 5
Can Sacrilege: The Remixes 3
Various Street Jams: Electric Funk, Vol. 1 4.5
Beltram, Joey Sound of 2 AM, The 2.5
Pryor, Richard Bicentennial Nigger 4.5
Young Gods T.V. Sky 4
Ghetto Boys Grip It! On That Other Level 4
4th Avenue Jones HipRockSoul 3
Black Uhuru Unification 3.5
Tonedeff Underscore 4.5
Outkast ATLiens 4
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf Big Shots 4
Clutch Clutch 4.5
Ono Will I/Fly 3
Warrior King Virtuous Woman 4
Goldfrapp Twist 4
LFO Sheath 3
Clarke, Dave Electro Boogie, Vol. 2: The Throwdown 4
Talyn Duulal Chant des Steppes, Le 4
William Academy, The Five Fight Songs 3.5
Idol, Billy Rebel Yell 4
Today is the Day Temple of the Morning Star 3.5
Gussie P Meets Mafia & Fluxy Book of Dub Vol. 1 4
D-Styles Phantazmagorea 4
Organized Konfusion Organized Konfusion 5
Blimp Pressure: Pleasure 4
Various Nik Weston Presents Sakura Aural Bliss 3.5
Basement Jaxx Kish Kash 4.5
Various Hellspawn: Extreme Metal Meets Extreme Techno 3
Iba Jah Lion (Children of the Nile) 4
Joe Beats Conspiracy, The Reverse Discourse 4
Hieroglyphics Full Circle 4
Joe Beats Day Boom Bap Died, The 4
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon 4
3582 Situational Ethics 4
Rapture, The Echoes 3.5
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 5
Soulwax Much Against Everyone's Advice 2.5
Gang of Four Entertainment! 5
Out Hud Natural Selection 3
Massive Attack Blue Lines 4.5
Freddie Foxxx Crazy Like a Foxxx 4
Mills, Jeff At First Sight 2.5
Various Chants �piques et Diphoniques (Epics and Overtone Singing: Central Asia & Siberia, Vol. 1) 4.5
Wolfgang Press, The Funky Little Demons 2.5
Kinks, The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 3.5
U2 War 4
Radio 4 Electrify 3
Primal Scream Vanishing Point 3
Variable Unit Handbook for the Apocalypse 3.5
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich Dust to Dust 3.5
Non-Prophets Hope 4.5
Cool C I Gotta Habit 3
Brathanki Patataj 3.5
Godspeed You Black Emperor! Yanqui U.X.O. 4
Six Feet Under Bringer of Blood 3
Common Sense Resurrection 5
Garden, Diana La Dolce Vita 3
Various Deep in the Heart of Tuva: Cowboy Music from the Wild East 4
Various L'Incoronata: Milano Lounge 3
Grandmaster Mele-Mel & Scorpio Right Now 1.5
Krush, DJ Zen 3.5
Depeche Mode Singles 86>98, The 4.5
D�lek From the Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots 3
De La Soul AOI: Bionix 3.5
De La Soul Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump 3
Swans Great Annihilator, The 4
Matmos Civil War, The 4.5
Jeru the Damaja Divine Design 3
Misery Index Retaliate 3
Peaches Fatherfucker 3.5
Dakah Live in Los Angeles, CA 07/05/03 4
Ranks, Sluggy My Time 3.5
Crazy Mad Professor & King Jammy Meet at King Jammy's Studio 3
Scaramanga Seven Eyes Seven Horns 3
Anthony B and Lutan Fyah World Crisis 3
Jah Cure Ghetto Life 3.5
Various Total 5 3.5
Murphy, Eddie Eddie Murphy: Comedian 4.5
Human Cropcircles Future Is Not What It Used To Be, The 3
7L and Esoteric Dangerous Connection 4.5
Paris Sonic Jihad 3.5
Eminem Eminem Show, The 4
Spiritualized Amazing Grace 3
Starzy Sida Starzy Sida 3.5
Emiter #2: static 3.5
Residents, The Duck Stab 4
Delmhorst, Kris Songs for a Hurricane 4
Twisted Sister Live at Hammersmith 3.5
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Best of Cold Chillin', The 5
Sparks Indiscreet 4
Primus Brown Album, The 3.5
Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking 3.5
Tuff Crew Back to Wreck Shop 2.5
Tuff Crew Danger Zone 4
Xzibit At the Speed of Life 4
Roots, The Phrenology 4.5
Primus Antipop 3.5
Primus Pork Soda 4
Wright, Steven I Have a Pony 4
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow 3.5
Sparks Propaganda 4
Official Welcome to Little Rock 1.5
Gjyste Vulaj Jam e ambel si Sheqer 3
Murge, DJ Search and Rescue 3
Babu, DJ World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1, The 4
Das EFX How We Do 2.5
Melo-D, DJ World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 3, The 3.5
Patton, Mike Pranzo Oltranzista 3
Moonraker Moonraker 3.5
Cypress Hill Los Grandes Exitos en Espa�ol 3
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 4
Corn Sisters, The The Other Woman 4
Hunter, Ian All American Alien Boy 4.5
Fulks, Robbie South Mouth 3.5
Rouse, Josh Under the Cold, Blue Stars 4
Clash, The From Here to Eternity, Live 4
Zeni Geva Freedom Bondage 3.5
YGz Street Nigga (EP) 3
Kid Koala Live at the Knitting Factory 3
McAnuff, Winston What the Man A Deal Wid 4
Radiohead OK Computer 4.5
Clash, The Sandinista! 4.5
New Pornographers, The Electric Version 4
Ruins Hyderomastgroningem 4
Kabir Fuel for the Fire 3.5
Various Battle Axe Warriors 3.5
Beat Minerz, Da Brace 4 Impak 2
Chic Chic 2
Case, Neko Canadian Amp 4.5
Jayhawks, The Rainy Day Music 5
Farrar, Jay Terroir Blues 3
Edwards, Kathleen Failer 4.5
Cary, Caitlin I'm Staying Out 4
Miller, Scott Upside/Downside 4
Various House Breaks Sessions 4
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 4
Robotobibok Instytut Las 4.5
Various Bedroom Communities 02. ReLounge 4
Various Bedroom Communities 01. Pillow Talk 4
Various Conscious Ragga Volume 3 3
Various Conscious Ragga Volume 2 4
Various Conscious Ragga Volume 1 4
Ras Kass (mixed by Tung Ha) Run Away Slave Mixtape 3
Alkaholiks, Tha Likwidation 4
Anthony B Voice of Jamaica Vol. 2 3.5
Mahwash & Musians Radio Kaboul 3.5
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep 4
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 5
Junior Senior D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat 4
Lyrics Born Later That Day 3.5
Yat-Kha Yenisei-Punk 4.5
Aswad New Chapter of Dub, A 4
Kapela ze wsi Warszawa Wiosna Ludu 5
Anthony B Smoke Free 3.5
Kool Keith Lost Masters, The 3.5
kid606 Illness, The 3
Ween quebec 4.5
Hasidic New Wave Live in Cracow 4.5
Orko the Sycotik Alien Atoms of Eden 4
Various Sungrooves 3
Marley, Bob Chant Down Babylon 3
Marley, Bob and the Wailers Natural Mystic (The Legend Lives On) 4.5
Bien Eleven 3
Vizion I Love You 3
Ono, Yoko Walking on Thin Ice: Compilation 4
Organized Konfusion Stress: The Extinction Agenda 4
Big Black Songs about Fucking 4
Butthole Surfers Electriclarryland 3
Sparks Lil' Beethoven 4
Louis Logic Debacle in a Bottle: a not album 3.5
Tenor Saw Fever 4
KRS-One Prophets vs. Profits 3
Awol One and Daddy Kev Slanguage 3
Saint Etienne Fox Base Alpha 2
Cage Weatherproof 2.5
Living Legends Crappy Old Shit 3
Beastie Boys Ill Communication 4
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour 5
Saint Etienne Good Humor 3
Jesus Lizard Goat 4
Noize, DJ Whole Mess Parts I & II, The 4
Rap, DJ Touching Bass 3
Saint Etienne Finisterre 3
Avenpitch Avenpitch 3.5
Kool Keith Presents Thee Undatakerz 2.5
Modest Mouse Lonesome Crowded West, The 4.5
Various Morgan Heritage Family and Friends Volume Two 3
Louis Logic Sin-a-Matic 4
Death Cab for Cutie We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes 3.5
McAnuff, Winston Pick Hits to Click 4
Edan Architecture 4
Aesop Rock Boom Box (EP) 3.5
Aesop Rock Appleseed (EP) 4
Anal Cunt Picnic of Love 3
LCD Soundsystem Give It Up 2
Bjork Selmasongs: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Dancer in the Dark 3.5
Xzibit Man vs. Machine 2.5
Coltrane, John and Archie Shepp New Thing at Newport 4
King Geedorah Take Me to Your Leader 4
Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst 5
McLachlan, Sarah Fumbling Towards Ecstacy 3.5
Rjd2 Deadringer 3
Various Vintage Chill Volume 2. Summer 3.5
Various Dub Out of Poland Sampler Part 1 4
Doria, Andrea Bucci Bag 3
Various Dancehall Techniques: 1986-1991 4
Costello, Elvis This Year's Model 4.5
Nirvana Incesticide 4
Madonna Hollywood 3
Mr. Lif I Phantom 3.5
Mr. Lif Emergency Rations (EP) 4
Mix Master Mike Suprize Packidge: The Automator Remix 3
Mix Master Mike Anti-Theft Device 3.5
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell 3.5
MF Doom and Madlib Are MadVillain 3
Mix Master Mike Spin Psycle 4
Mix Master Mike Eye of the Cyklops 4.5
Various In Goth Daze 2.5
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party 4
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes 4.5
Tony Tuff Come Fe Mash It 4
Pep Love & Jay-Biz Shamen, The 3.5
Tony Tuff Mr. Tuff 4
Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA/The Machines of God 3
Adverse Way With Words 3.5
Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus Nyahbinghi 4
Throbbing Gristle DOA: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle 3.5
Danzig Danzig III: How the Gods Kill 4
Numbers Numbers Death 3
Bowie, David Low 5
Various Bollywood Funk 4
Cooler Kids Punk Debutante 3.5
Eyedea & Abilities Road Mix 4
Various Chinese Tea Ballads 3
E-Ta-Nine Demo 2.5
Various Contaminated 3.0 3
Party Fun Action Committee Let's Get Serious 2
McTell, Blind Willie 1927-1949 4
Twista Resurrection 4
McTell, Blind Willie Doin' That Atlanta Strut 1927-1935 4
Various BBC Radiophonic Music: The Radiophonic Workshop 4
Can Tago Mago 5
W.A.S.P. Best of the Best, The 3
Hanzel und Gretyl Transmissions from Uranus 4.5
Entombed Wolverine Blues 4.5
Bjork Volumen Plus 4
Nation of Ulysses Plays Pretty for Baby 3.5
Various Reggae Gold 2003 3.5
Green, Grant Main Attraction, The 3
Mystik Journeymen Malapas Tears 3
Count Bass D Art for Sale 3
Count Bass D Dwight Spitz 4
Banton, Buju Friends for Life 4
1200 Hobos Tapes, Skills, & Technics 3.5
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion 3.5
Fall of Because Life is Easy 3.5
Rjd2 Horror, The 4
Goblin Original Remixes Collection - Vol. 1, The 1.5
Living Legends Four Track Avengers Vol. 1, The 3
Residents, The Commercial Album, The 4
Various Afro-American Spirituals, Work Songs, and Ballads 5
Various If The Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary to Invent It 3
Shepp, Archie and the Full Moon Ensemble Live in Antibes Volumes 1 & 2 3.5
El-P and Cannibal Ox Cannibal OXtrumentals 3.5
Prince and the New Power Generation (symbol) 3.5
Brown, Clifford Complete Blue Note-Pacific Jazz Recordings, The 5
El Stew No Hesitation 4
Various Great Jazz Vocalists Sing Hoagy Carmichael, The 4
Zokopiany Po Wierchach I Groniach 4
Swamp, DJ Never is Now 3.5
Various Menace II Society (MPS) 3
Various Juice (MPS) 3.5
Alkaholiks, Tha 21 & Over 5
Clutch Live at the Googolplex 4
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard (A True Story) 3.5
Vapors, The New Clear Days 3.5
J-88 Best Kept Secret 2.5
Smith and Mighty Big World, Small World 2
Splotch Have Another Tantrum 2.5
Gangster, DJ Best of Facemob/Scarface 2.5
Dibbs, Mr. Turntable Scientifics 5
Various Ambient 4: Isolationism 4
Onyx Triggernometry 3
Dibbs, Mr. 30th Song, The 4.5
Joe Dirty Not Your Average Joe 2.5
Wubbenhorst, John and Facing East Facing Beloved 4.5
Wordsworth For the Shows 3.5
Sanchez Songs From My Heart 3.5
Hopkins, Lightnin' Prison Blues 3
Hart, Oliver Many Faces of Oliver Hart, The 3.5
Eno, Brian and David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 3.5
Various O Brother, Where Art Thou? 5
Sparks Whomp That Sucker 3
Radiohead Hail to the Thief 4
Cunninlynguists Will Rap for Food 4
Myka Nyne Work in Progress, A 3.5
Esoteks Foreign Exchange 3
Madlib Shades of Blue 4.5
Special Ed Legal 3.5
Living Colour Live at CBGB's 3
Wire 154 4
Ugly Duckling Taste the Secret 4.5
Madlib Blunted in the Bomb Shelter Mix 4
Various Focus Riddim 4
Burnside, R.L. Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down 3.5
Various Street Corner Serenade: The Greatest Doo-Wop of the '50s and '60s 5
Murs Rules the World 3.5
Aggrovators, The Johnny in the Echo Chamber 4
Special Ed Youngest in Charge 4
XTC Big Express, The 3.5
Tool Lateralus 3.5
Johnson, Robert King of the Delta Blues Singers 5
Aphex Twin 26 Mixes for Cash 4
Smashing Pumpkins Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 4
Cool 6ix 3
Grouch, The Crusader for Justice 3
Murs F'real 4
Cocker, Joe With a Little Help from My Friends 4
Arsonists Date of Birth 4
Krumb Snatcha Respect All Fear None 2
Ex2 (E Times 2) Nemesis 3.5
Warhead If-Then-Else 3.5
Mingus, Charles Mingus Plays Piano 3.5
Terror Fabulous Yaga Yaga 3.5
Easy Star All-Stars Dub Side of the Moon 4.5
Audio Bullys Ego War 4
Anthony B & Idren DJ Reggae Showcase 3.5
Parmerud, �ke Jeu d’ombres 4
PMD Awakening, The 2.5
Tame One When Rappers Attack 3.5
Zorn, John Cobra (live at FIMAV 2003) 4
Weathermen, The Conspiracy, The 2.5
Carlin, George On the Road 3
Fischerspooner #1 3.5
Self Scientific Self Science, The 2.5
Nocturnal Emissions Blasphemous Rumours 4
Mute Beat In Dub 4
Los Kung-Fu Monkeys Rebuilding the World 3
Atmosphere Overcast! 4
Krown Rulers Paper Chase 4.5
Jurassic 5 Power in Numbers 3.5
Carlin, George Toledo Window Box 3
Artifacts That's Them 4
Shepp, Archie Attica Blues 4
Dresch Quartet, Mih�ly and Archie Shepp Hungarian Bebop 4
Black Eyed Peas Elephunk 3.5
lang, kd Music from the Motion Picture Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 3.5
Ween Pod, The 3
Carlin, George Occupation: Foole 3.5
Carlin, George Class Clown 5
Carlin, George FM & AM 4.5
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood 4
Cure, The Head on the Door, The 5
Pryor, Richard Live on the Sunset Strip 5
Sugarcubes, The Life's Too Good! 3.5
Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher 3.5
Lo Fidelity Allstars On the Floor at the Boutique 2.5
Atmosphere God Loves Ugly 4
Blakey, Art and the Jazz Messengers Free for All 4.5
Blakey, Art Paris Jam Session 4.5
Ono Walking on Thin Ice 4
Perry, Lee Guitar Boogie Dub 2.5
Buc Fifty Bad Man 3
Various Mighty Wind: The Album (MPS), A 4.5
Siouxsie and the Banshees Once Upon a Time: The Singles 5
Morgan Heritage Three In One 3
Cali Agents How the West Was One 3.5
OOIOO Gold & Green 4
Scarface Balls and My Word 3.5
Bovell, Dennis Strictly Dub Wize 4
Skillz I Ain't Mad No More 3
Godflesh In All Languages 4.5
Ultra Dolphins Ultra Dolphins 4
Bjork Hyperballad 3
Dream Theater Awake 4
Lamb What Sound 3
Manson, Marilyn Golden Age of Grotesque, The 4
Attell, Dave Skanks for the Memories 4
Spooky, DJ Under the Influence 4.5
Marley Boys Educated Fools 3
Spiritualized Pure Phase 3.5
Radiohead Bends, The 4.5
Madonna "American Life" (Remixes) 2.5
Sadat X Wild Cowboys 3.5
Roberts, Juliet Natural Thing 2.5
Martin, Steve Let's Get Small 5
Chapman, Tracy Chapman, Tracy 4
Niney the Observer Space Flight Dub 3.5
1200 Hobos Evolution 4.5
Pole 45/45 3.5
Cop Shoot Cop Consumer Revolt 4
Hicks, Bill Love, Laughter, and Truth 4
Flirts, The Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads 2.5
Pain Teens Destroy Me, Lover 3
Cohen, Leonard More Best of Leonard Cohen 4
Goldfrapp Train 2.5
Chemical Brothers, The Surrender 3
Streets, The Original Pirate Material 2.5
Redd, Freddie Complete Blue Note Recordings of Freddie Redd, The 4
McRae, Carmen For Lady Day Vol.2 3.5
Dekker, Desmond Rockin' Steady: The Best of Desmond Dekker 5
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 4
Blackmale Let It Swing 3.5
Rage Against the Machine Battle of Los Angeles, The 4
Lynch, Liam Fake Songs 4
Satterfield, Laura Dirty Velvet Lie 4
Flaming Lips, The Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 4
Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico, The 4
Pounds, Derill Reparation, The 3.5
L.L. Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out 4
Mount Everest Trio Waves From Albert Ayler 4
Tony D Droppin' Funky Verses 4.5
Adult. Anxiety Always 3
Cooler Kids All Around the World (Punk Debutante) 3
Stitt, Sonny Champ, The 3.5
Dred Scott Breakin' Combs 4.5
Catalyst Funkiest Band You Never Heard, The 4
Motion Man Clearing the Field 4
Various Rough Guide to Calypso and Soca, The 3.5
Springsteen, Bruce Tunnel of Love 3.5
Beatles, The Help! 4
Out Hud Street Dad 4.5
Miller, Emmett Minstrel Man from Georgia, The 4
Various Serial Killer Compilation 2
Brown, Dennis Generosity 3
Simple E Colouz Uv Sound 3
Townsell, Lidell & M.T.F. Harmony 3.5
Little, Booker Booker Little 4 & Max Roach 4.5
Daft Punk Homework 4
Bryson, Jeanie Some Cats Know 3.5
Various NYC Badmen 4
Various Heavy Flute 4
Bone Hard Productions featuring Big Mello Wegonefunkwichamind 3
Terrell, Toriano Kid Called Computer 3
Audioweb Fireworks City 3
Shadow, DJ Endtroducing 4.5
Gang Starr Step in the Arena 5
BC Recordings (Bad Company UK) Shot Down on Safari 3
Blind Opticz Illumination 4
Shepp, Archie Yasmina, A Black Woman 4
Kool Moe Dee Greatest Hits, The 3.5
Genius, The Words from the Genius 3.5
Radiohead Amnesiac 4
Smart E's Sesame's Treet 3
Paul, Talia Light Will Come 4
KRS-One I Got Next 4
Size and Reprazent, Roni In the Mode 2.5
Shabazz, Lakim Lost Tribe of Shabazz, The 3.5
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown 2.5
Paul, Talia Trail's End 4.5
Electric Six Danger! High Voltage 3
Destiny's Child Survivor 3
Ivory, DJ Hear No Evil Vol. 2 4.5
Depeche Mode Speak and Spell 3.5
Various Wild Bunch: Story of a Sound System, The 2
Guild, The ReCollection 4
Daft Punk Discovery 4
Reef Project Deep End 3.5
Datsuns, The Datsuns, The 3
Creators, The Weight, The 3.5
Erasure Erasure Pop!: The First 20 Hits 4
Various Uprok Records Sampler 4
Mr. Complex Hold This Down 3.5
Various Def Jux Presents... 4
MF Doom Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs, Vols. 1 & 2 3
Various One Big Trip 3.5
Faith No More Album of the Year 3.5
Case, Neko Furnace Room Lullaby 3.5
Petty, Tom The Last DJ 3
Black '47 Fire of Freedom 4
Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow 4.5
Honeydogs Honeydogs 3.5
Large Professor 1st Class 3.5
Various Lost Koast Kollective, Tha 2.5
Streets, The Original Pirate Material 4
Zentropia Zero Mass Calibration 4.5
LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge 4.5
Gray, David A New Day at Midnight 2
Faith No More King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime 3.5
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, The 5
Melvins Honky 3
GZA/Genius Legend of the Liquid Sword 3.5
Blue Oyster Cult Fire of Unknown Origin 4.5
Primal Scream Evil Heat 3
Brujeria Matando  3
O.C. Word... Life 4
Krush, DJ Message at the Depth, The 3.5
Roxy Music Roxy Music 3.5
Playgroup DJ Kicks 2.5
Dr Octagon Dr Octagonecologyst 3.5
Krush, DJ Code 4109 3.5
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 4.5
Kwam� Incognito 3
Swollen Members Monsters in the Closet 3.5
Underworld Born Slippy (NUXX) 4
Matmos Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, A 4.5
Prince Far I Black Man Land 4.5
Adult. Resuscitation 3.5
Various World a Music Volume 1 2.5
Christian Death Iron Mask, The 3
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 5
Foo Fighters One by One 3
Hicks, Bill Relentless 4
Hicks, Bill Arizona Bay 5
Minogue, Kylie Light Years 3.5
Future Sound of London, The Dead Cities 4
Love and Rockets Love and Rockets 2.5
Longo Trio, Mike Live: The Detroit International Jazz Festival 4
Minus 5 Down with Wilco 3
Krauss, Alison New Favorite 4
Raveonettes, The Whip It On 4
Garfunkle Three, Billion, and Twenty-Two 3.5
Dagyfted Xperience 2.5
Berlin Pleasure Victim 3
Parton, Dolly Greatest Hits 4
Krush, DJ Shinsou: The Message at the Depth 4
Gza/Genius Legend of the Liquid Sword 4
Various Classic Rave 4
Psychedelic Furs, The Forever Now 3.5
Sandler, Adam What the Hell Happened to Me? 3.5
Psychedelic Furs, The Psychedelic Furs, The 4
ABC Lexicon of Love, The 4.5
2 Many DJ's As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2 4
Various Easy Star Volume Two: Dancehall Culture 4
Zorn, John Classic Guide to Strategy Volumes One & Two, The 3.5
Parliament Mothership Connection 4
Primal Scream Screamadelica 4.5
Harris, Robin B�-B�'s Kids 3
Psychedelic Furs, The Talk Talk Talk 4
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Dazzle Ships 4
Magic Sam Rockin' Wild in Chicago 4
Fischerspooner Emerge (Double 12" version) 2
Brown, Dennis Love & Hate: The Best of Dennis Brown 4.5
Sugababes Round Round 3
Ampbuzz This Is My Ampbuzz 3.5
Various Swim Team #2 3
Silo Alloy 4
Ferry, Bryan B�te Noire 3.5
Morbid Angel Domination 4
Phantom Planet The Guest 3
Ok Go Ok Go 3
Snapcase End Transmission 4
Common Electric Circus 4
Maneri Ensemble Going to Church 4
Ware Quartet, David S. Freedom Suite 4.5
Synkretizm Mountain Thinking the River Fire, A 3.5
Whitefield Brothers, The In the Raw 4.5
Dr. Israel and Dr. X Dr. Israel vs. Dr. X 3.5
Cannibal Corpse Bleeding, The 4.5
Cool DJ Flush Ant's Garage Deluxe 4
Smith, Lonnie Liston Visions of a New World 3.5
Levy, O'Donel Dawn of a New Day 3.5
Smith, Jimmy Angel Eyes 3.5
Cure, The Pornography 4.5
Bjork Telegram 3.5
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion 4
Schneider and the Shake Society, Fred Schneider and the Shake Society, Fred 1.5
Morgan Quintet, Lee Take Twelve 4
Big Daddy Kane Looks Like a Job For... 4
Mighty Diamonds, The Speak the Truth 3.5
Ultramagnetic MC's Four Horsemen, The 4
Roots, The Phrenology 4
Ween Mollusk, The 4
Hicks, Bill Flying Saucer Tour, Vol.1: Pittsburgh, PA 6/20/91  4.5
Ranks, Shabba Rough & Ready Volume 1 4.5
Alston, Gerald First Class Only 2.5
Bjork Greatest Hits 5
Various London Xpress 3.5
Marsalis, Delfeayo Pontius Pilate's Decision 4.5
Stone Roses, The Second Coming 2.5
Rock, Chris Roll With the New 4
Minogue, Kylie Fever 4
Elliot, Missy Under Construction 3.5
Vanilla Ice Mind Blowin 1.5
Poor Righteous Teachers Righteous Groove's 3.5
Various Giant Steps Volume One 3
Kisor, Ryan On the One 4
Various Ghost World 4
Bjork Volumen 4.5
Yohimbe Brothers Front End Lifter 4.5
People Under the Stairs O.S.T. 4
Deltron 3030 Instrumentals, The 4.5
Muppets, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The 3.5
Streets, The Original Pirate Material 4
Massive Attack Mezzanine 4
Chemical Brothers, The Brothers Gonna Work it Out: A DJ Mix Album 3.5
Babyland 2002 3
Various Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons: More Original Music from the Televison Series 4
Rideout, Bonnie with Maggie Sansone and Al Petteway Scottish Christmas, A 4
Sensational Heavyweighter 3
Various Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo 4
Green Jelly Cereal Killer (Video) 1.5
Various Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield, The 5
Butthole Surfers Independent Worm Saloon 4
Butthole Surfers Pioughd 2.5
J Geils Band, The Freeze Frame 3.5
Tatu 200 km/hr in the Wrong Lane 4
Divine Beings Funky Ultimatum (CD 5") 4
Oldfield, Mike QE2 2.5
Fischerspooner Emerge 4
Playgroup Playgroup 3
Various Beth Lapides' Un-Cabaret: The Un and Only 2.5
Madonna Die Another Day 2
Tatu All the Things She Said 3.5
Regensburg, CantArte and Hubert Velten Gregorian Jubilation! 3
B.U.M.S (Brothas Unda Madness), The Lyfe'N'Tyme 4.5
Knight, Gladys and the Pips Christmas Album, The 3
Qwiksand More You Groove... The Deeper You Sink, The 3.5
Cross, David Shut Up You Fucking Baby 3.5
Wilson, Jim My First Christmas With You 3
Kustard Kings, The Kustard Kristmas, A 4
Husky Team Christmas in Memphis 4
Graboff, Jon For Christ's Sake! 3.5
Metallica Ride the Lightning 4.5
XTC Drums and Wires 4
Oldfield, Mike Five Miles Out 4
Metallica Master of Puppets 5
English Beat, The I Just Can't Stop 3.5
Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do 3.5
Nine Inch Nails Further Down the Spiral 3
Wonder, Stevie Songs in the Key of Life 4
Cypress Hill IV 3
Fun Boy Three Waiting 3.5
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 3.5
Fear Factory Obsolete 3.5
Murphy, Eddie Murphy, Eddie 4
Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod 4
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 5
Minor Threat Complete Discography 5
Danzig 4p 3.5
Boogie Shoes Greatest Hits Vol. 1 3.5
Eric B. & Rakim Don't Sweat the Technique 3
Daou, Vanessa Dear John Coltrane 3.5
Led Zeppelin II 5
Culture Humble African 4.5
Acucrack, DJ? Crackmix Vol. II 3.5
Broken Hope Bowels Of Repugnance, The 3.5
Skinny Puppy Last Rights 4
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You 3
Bella Morte Quiet, The 3.5
Add N to (X) Loud Like Nature 3.5
Skinny Puppy Too Dark Park 4.5
Tyner, McCoy Inception 4.5
Various Anti-Racist Action: Stop Racism 3.5
Skinny Puppy Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse 4
Dream Theater Change of Seasons, A 3.5
Raw Breed Lune Tunz 3
Brown, Clifford and Max Roach Study in Brown 4
Various Reggae Superstars Meet for the Kill 3
Nirvana Bleach 3
Cut Chemist/DJ Shadow Brainfreeze 5
Interpol Turns on the Bright Lights 4
Joy Division Substance 4.5
Skinny Puppy Process, The 3.5
Various Digital Empire: Electronica's Best 4
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Pacific Age, The 3
Material Secret Life 4
Art of Noise, The In No Sense? Nonsense! 4
Professor Griff Kao's II Wiz*7*Dome 3
Galliano What Colour Our Flag 3.5
Juvenile Committee Free Us Colored Kids 2.5
Luciano Where There is Life 3.5
Various Mo Wax: Royalties Overdue, The First Chapter 2.5
Broggs, Peter Progressive Youth 3
Vadim, DJ U.S.S.R.: The Art of Listening 3.5
Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble Buddhist Music of Tianjin 4
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady 5
Various Klash: Kaught Up in da Mix 3
MF Doom Operation Doomsday! 3
El Da Sensei Then, Now and Forever 4
El Da Sensei Relax, Relate, Release 4.5
Sparks No. 1 in Heaven 4.5
Various Tags of the Times 3 4
Mike Control Introduction EP, The 3
El-P Fantastic Damage 4
Odi, DJ CSM001 4.5
Front 242 Re-boot: Live '98 3.5
Banton, Buju Inna Heights 4.5
Edotkom Obsidian 4
Determine Rock the World 3.5
Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C. 5
Slayer Undisputed Attitude 4
A.L.T. and the Lost Civilization Another Latin Timebomb 3
Sigur R�s ( ) 5
Scienz of Life Project Overground: The Scienz Experiment 3.5
Terrasson, Jacky and Cassandra Wilson Rendezvous 3.5
Moka Only Flood 3.5
Gang of Four Brief History of the Twentieth Century, A 4
Sun and the Moon, The Sun and the Moon, The 3.5
Tchicai, John and Vitold Rek Satisfaction 4
Bullet Proof Space Travelers Built to Last 3
Underworld Beaucoup Fish 4
Brown, Julie Trapped in the Body of a White Girl 2
Boy Sets Fire Live for Today 4
Various Talkin' Roots I 4
Chestnut, Cyrus Dark Before the Dawn, The 4
1.8.7 Quality Rolls 4.5
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album 4
Matt Skiba, Kevin Seconds split 3.5
Digital Underground This is an E.P. Release 3
Digital Underground Sex Packets 4.5
Logic, DJ Anomaly, The 4
Meat Beat Manifesto R.U.O.K.? 3.5
Cure, The Show 3
Wire Pink Flag 5
Pet Shop Boys Introspective 3
Soft Cell Cruelty Without Beauty 3.5
Human League Fascination 3.5
Various Disco Not Disco 2 4
Tofani, Dave An American Garden 3
Cook, Peter and Dudley Moore Good Evening 4
Underworld Hundred Days Off, A 2.5
Shadow, DJ Preemptive Strike 3.5
Top Quality Magnum Opus 3.5
Ministry With Sympathy 2.5
Oingo Boingo Dark at the End of the Tunnel 2
Meat Beat Manifesto Actual Sounds + Voices 4.5
M/A/R/R/S Pump Up the Volume 4
Anthony B Universal Struggle 4
Magic Sam Give Me Time 4.5
Smart E's Sesame's Treet 3.5
Various Ragga Mania Vol. 4 3
Andy, Horace Skylarking 4.5
Oldominion One 3.5
Meat Beat Manifesto 99% 4
Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect Drug" Versions 3
Little, Booker Booker Little and Friend 4.5
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep 4.5
Sizzla Be I Strong 3
Charlatans UK, The Between 10th and 11th 2.5
Various Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus 4.5
Shriekback Oil and Gold 3.5
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 4.5
Trans Am Futureworld 3
Mott the Hoople Wildlife 4
Golden Smog Weird Tales 3.5
Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, The Sleepy Baby 4
Various Dancehall Madness 3
Various Rough Trade Shops Electronic 01 5
Guns n' Roses Use Your Illusion I 4
Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, The Cheerful Baby 4
Pharcyde, The Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde 4.5
Various Titanium 2000 2
Magic Sam West Side Guitar: 1957-1966 4.5
Peanut Butter Wolf My Vinyl Weighs a Ton 4.5
Brand New Heavies, The Heavy Rhyme Experience: Vol. 1 5
Soul Slinger, DJ Don't Believe 4
Various Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Volume II 4
Howard, James Man in the Moon, The (OST) 3
All Natural Second Nature 3
Len You Can't Stop the Bum Rush 3.5
Wells, Junior Messin' with the Kid: 1957-1963 4
Debbie D, DJs and Wes Smith Breakbeat Bunch, The 2.5
Lennon, John Shaved Fish 3.5
Fulks, Robbie 13 Hillbilly Giants 3.5
New Pornographers, The Mass Romantic 4
Adams, Ryan Demolition 3.5
Guns n' Roses Appetite for Destruction 5
Osbourne, Ozzy Ultimate Sin, The 3
Blackalicious A2G 4.5
Primich, Gary Company Man 4
Rush Moving Pictures 4
Judas Priest Ram It Down 3
Bennett, Jay and Edward Burch The Palace at 4am 4
All Mass Nerder 3.5
Willis, Kelly Easy 4
Moorer, Allison Miss Fortune 4.5
Case, Neko Blacklisted 4
Franklin, Pete Guitar Pete's Blues 4
Kevorkian Death Cycle Dark Skies 4
Basement Jaxx Get Me Off 4
Scarface My Homies 2
Various Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Volume I 4
Danzig Danzig (videos) 3
Judas Priest British Steel 4
Ladytron Light and Magic 3.5
Robotobibok Jogging 5
Various Grafton 4x4 3.5
Devo Oh, No! It's Devo! 2.5
Judas Priest Painkiller 4.5
Shadow, DJ Private Press, The 3.5
Grappelli, Stephane Shades of Django 3.5
Arkarna Fresh Meat 2.5
Shaggy Hotshot 3
Twisted Sister Under the Blade 3.5
Sanchez One for Me, The 3
Various Contents Under Pressure 3.5
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 5
Xenakis, Iannis Xenakis Complete Vol 2: Iannissimo! 4.5
Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! 4.5
Isaacs, Gregory One Man Against the World: The Best of Gregory Isaacs 4.5
Various City of Soundsville: Music from the Powerpuff Girls 3
Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 4.5
Stevens, Cat Tea for the Tillerman 3
Spiritualized Let It All Come Down 4
Ultravox Vienna 4
Firesign Theatre Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him  3.5
Various Alt.Rap XIV:XIX 4
Public Enemy Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black 4
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 4
Various Headz -- A Soundtrack of Experimental Hip-Hop Jams 3
Missing Persons Spring Session M 3.5
Various Paris Lounge 2: Paris by Day, 12.00 P.M 3
Labtekwon Song of the Sovereign 4
Naughty by Nature Iicons 2.5
Spooky, DJ Modern Mantra 3.5
Duran Duran Decade 4
Orb, The U.F.Orb 3.5
Felix da Housecat Madame Hollywood/Silver Screen Shower Scene Remixes 2
Soft Cell Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing 4
Agricantus Best of Agricantus 4
Pimp-T Power Is Mindful Peace 3
Glee Club, The Rocking a Boner in the Ghetto 2.5
Ladytron 604 3.5
Miller, Jacob Jacob Miller Songbook: Chapter a Day 4.5
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King 4.5
Ultravox Lament 3
Cage Movies for the Blind 3.5
Jack Johnson Brushfire Fairytales 4
Cohen, Leonard Best of Leonard Cohen, The 5
�vora, C�saria Sao Vicente 4
Fatboy Slim You've Come a Long Way, Baby 4.5
Cult, The Beyond Good and Evil 3.5
Watts Prophets When the 90's Came 4
Q-Tip Amplified 3
Mr Bungle California 4
Various Big Blunts: 12 Smokin' Reggae Hits 3.5
Phife Dawg Ventilation: Da LP 3.5
System of a Down Toxicity 4
Butthole Surfers Humpty Dumpty LSD 2
Malone, Russell Sweet Georgia Peach 3.5
Isaacs, Gregory Looking Back 3.5
KMC Three Men with the Power of Ten 4
Timid inTimidation 3.5
Primus Miscellaneous Debris 3.5
Autechre Envane 3
Various Velvet Goldmine 4
Pitch Shifter Desensitized 4
Sientific American Saints of Infinity/Simulated D.I.Y. 4.5
Beatnigs, The Beatnigs, The 3
Capleton More Fire 4
Soundgarden Superunknown 4.5
Prodigy Fat of the Land 4
Pitch Shifter Submit 3
Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats 4
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables 5
Godflesh Pure 4.5
Techno Animal Demonoid 3
Psychic TV Themes 2: A Prayer for Derek Jarman 2.5
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Liberator 3
Allies, The D-Day 4
Onyx Bacdafucup 3.5
Various Carnival 95 4
Various Scratch (MPS) 4
Crystal Method, The Vegas 3
Various Rough Guide to Reggae, The 4.5
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury 4.5
Mainhart, Kristin Demo 4.5
Palma, Triston Two Roads 4
Various UpRoot Da Compilation 2.5
Clash, The Singles, The 4
Palma, Triston Joker Smoker 5
Too Short Born to Mack 4
Bruce & Lisa Gifts of Love 2
Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3.5
Elastica The Menace 1
Slum Village Trinity (Past, Present and Future) 3
Various WCW Mayhem: The Music 2
Various Strictly the Best 15 4
Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes 3
Fugazi Red Medicine 4
KLF, The White Room, The 3.5
Spinbad, DJ Spinbad Rocks the Casbah 80s Megamix 4
Ivory, DJ Hear No Evil 4.5
Kings of Swing Strategy 2.5
Various Strictly the Best 16 3.5
Tribes of Neurot Silver Blood Transmission 3
Primus Frizzle Fry 4.5
Sway & King Tech Wake Up Show Freestyles Volume 7 4
Gza/Genius Beneath the Surface 3.5
Elastica Elastica 3.5
Suicide Suicide 4
Various Comin from tha D: Blueprint 3.5
Bourelly, Jean-Paul Boom Bop 4
Dark Leaf F... the People 4
Mad Professor Trix in the Mix 3.5
Blackalicious Blazing Arrow 4.5
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells 4.5
Dixon, Bill 7-tette and Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5 Dixon, Bill 7-tette and Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5 4
Mystics, The Remnants of a Lost Culture 4
New Order Get Ready 3
Jazzy Jeff, DJ Magnificent, The 3
Bullfrog Bullfrog 3.5
Komuro, Tetsuya and DJ Krush Blue Fantasy Remix 4
Basement Jaxx Rooty 4
Panacea Underground Superstardom 3
Andy, Horace Roots and Branches 4
Jupiter Project, The I can make you try. 3.5
Perry, Lee and Mad Professor Experryments at the Grass Roots of Dub 4
Various Reggae Gold 1998 3.5
Mad Professor Science & the Witchdoctor 3
Ras Kass Soul On Ice 4
Blue Millenium Vintage Hi-Fi 4.5
Stone Roses, The Stone Roses, The 5
Spearhead Chocolate Supa Highway 4
Awol One & Daddy Kev Souldoubt 4.5
Hancock, Herbie Sound-System 2
Doors, The Doors, The 5
Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols 4.5
Rupununi Safari Steaming Jungle: The Jungle Dub Experience 2 3
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 4.5
Death Scream Bloody Gore 4.5
Yabby You Yabby You Meets Mad Professor & Black Steel in Ariwa Studio 4.5
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell 4.5
Neurosis Sovereign 3
Tate, Pam Die Happy 2.5
Nhac Hoa Tau Chim duoi con mua 3
Burnside, R.L. Mr. Wizard 4
Lindsay, Arto Hyper Civilizado: Arto Lindsay Remixes 4
Ultra Nat� One Woman's Insanity 3.5
Drukpa Kagyu Order Tibetan Buddhism: The Ritual Orchestra and Chants 3.5
Peaches Teaches of Peaches, The 3.5
Numan, Gary Pleasure Principle, The 5
National Lampoon Gold Turkey: Radio Hour/Greatest Hits 4
Neurosis Sun That Never Sets, A 3
Kid Sensation Power of Rhyme, The 3
Young, Neil Harvest 4
Clay People, The Stone-Ten Stitches 3
Spearhead Home 5
Steve Austin Sampler CD 3
Various Soundbombing II 5
Primal Scream XTRMNTR 4
Dead Milkmen, The Death Rides a Pale Cow: The Ultimate Collection 5
Clay People, The Clay People, The 3.5
Lindsay, Arto Invoke 3.5
Wally, DJ DJ Wally's Genetic Flaw 4
Run DMC Raising Hell 5
Madness, M.C. Drop That Bass (Death of a Bass Head) 2
Yaggfu Front Action Packed Adventure! 4
Kid Sensation Rollin' with Number One 4.5
Blanchard, Terence Billie Holiday Songbook, The 3
Various Tigerbeat6 Inc. 4
kid606 Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams, The 2.5
J-Live All of the Above 4
Various Soundbombing III 2.5
Skinny Puppy Rabies 4
Various Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division 2
Skinny Puppy Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate 3.5
National Lampoon Missing White House Tapes, The 2.5
Clash, The Clash, The (US version) 4.5
New Order (The Best of) New Order 3.5
National Lampoon Radio Dinner 4.5
National Lampoon Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and the End of the World 2
Ruff Cut In Roots 4
Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop 3.5
Boogie Down Productions Edutainment 4
Brown, Dennis The Prime of Dennis Brown: 1973-1995 4
Bullet & Shaolin Small Town Livin' Big City Game 2.5
Red Hot Lover Tone #1 Player 3.5
Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home 5
Fela Fresh Crew Taking Charge 2.5
Magic Mike, D.J. and the Royal Posse Represent 3.5
High Performance All Things Considered 3
Casual He Think He Raw 3
King Tee Act a Fool 3.5
Syst Linear Language 4.5
Roxanne Go Down (But Don't Bite It) 1.5
Jeff Buckley Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk) 4
National Lampoon White Album 3.5
Various NBC's Saturday Night Live 2.5
Blondie Best of Blondie, The 4.5
Wells, Junior Hoodoo Man Blues 4.5
Various Trespass (MPS) 3.5
Naughty by Nature 19 Naughty III 4
Boogie Down Productions Sex and Violence 4
16volt supercoolnothing 2
National Lampoon That's Not Funny, That's Sick! 5
Sandler, Adam What's Your Name? 1
Various Earplugged 2 2
Anderson, Laurie Big Science 4
Jones, Grace Inside Story 3
Anderson, Laurie Mister Heartbreak 3.5
Carpenter, John Halloween: The 20th Anniversary Edition 5
Various Metal Dreams Volume 2 1
Napalm Death/Coalesce In Tongues We Speak, Split EP 3
Biohazard Mata Leao 2.5
Goblin Suspiria (MPS) 5
DMG Rigormortiz 4
Jackson Orchestra, Milt Big Bags 4
Mad Cobra Milkman 2.5
Yellowman and the Paragons Yellowman Meets The Paragons 2
Oasis Definitely Maybe 3.5
Vangelis Opera Sauvage 4
Trans Am Red Line 4
Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 4.5
Led Zeppelin IV (a.k.a. Zoso) 5
McRae, Carmen Miss Jazz 3
Various Just Say Mao: Volume III of Just Say Yes 2.5
Burroughs, William S. Selections from The Best of William S. Burroughs from the Giorno Poetry Systems 3.5
Sharp, Elliott and DJ Soulslinger Rwong Territory 3.5
Clash, The London Calling 5
Poor Righteous Teachers Pure Poverty 4
Poor Righteous Teachers Holy Intellect 5
Yankovic, "Weird Al" Running with Scissors 3.5
Various Televisions Greatest Hits Volume 6: Remote Control 4
Strokes, The Is This It? 4
Paris Sleeping with the Enemy 4
Brown, James At the Apollo 4.5
Various Original Jazz Classics 3
Jones, Grace Warm Leatherette 4
Austin, Sil Honey Sax 1.5
Johnson, Robert Delta Blues: The Alternative Takes 2.5
Zohar Onethreeseven 3
Various Journey Into Ambient Groove 4, A 3.5
Happy Mondays Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches 4
Various Out of Perspective 4.5
Scratch Embodiment of Instrumentation, The 3
Various Heavy Off the Ricter 4
Dylan, Bob Infidels 3
Burnside, R.L. Well... well... well... 4
Marley & the Wailers, Bob Exodus 4.5
Cars, The Heartbeat City 4
AFX Analogue Bubblebath 3
Coolbone Brass-Hop 3
System of a Down System of a Down 4
Cars, The Greatest Hits 5
Monster Magnet Powertrip 3
We Square Root of Negative One 3.5
Ween Pure Guava 5
Charlatans UK, The Some Friendly 3
Various Soundbombing II 4.5
Cocoa Tea Sweet Love 2.5
Frizzi/Giuliano Sorgini, Fabio Paura Nella Citt� Dei Morti Viventi/Non Si Deve Profanare Il Sonno Dei Morti (MPS) 4.5
Coup, The Party Music 3.5
Depeche Mode Violator 5
Various Reggae Hits 2000 3.5
Pilgrimage 9 Songs of Ecstasy 4
Public Image Ltd. Paris au Printemps 2
Ministry Filth Pig 3.5
McGregor, Freddie Jamaican Classics Vol. 3 4
Grand Daddy I.U. Smooth Assassin 4
Mainetti, Stefano Zombi 3 (MPS) 2
Jackson, Milt and Coleman Hawkins Bean Bags 4
General, Mikey Spiritual Revolution 4
Ministry Sphinctour (DVD) 2
Front Line Assembly Millenium 3.5
Various Lost Angels (MPS) 2.5
El-P Fantastic Damage 4.5
New Order Substance 5
Vu, Cuong Bound 4.5
Ndegeocello, Meshell Cookie: The Antrhopological Mixtape (sampler) 4
Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Your Funeral . . . My Trial 4
Bush Babees Gravity 4.5
Head of David LP 4
Yabby U/Michael Prophet/Wayne Wade Prophecy 3.5
Echo and the Bunnymen Songs to Learn and Sing 4.5
Jazzy Jeff, DJ and The Fresh Prince He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 4
Pablo, Augustus Valley of Jehosaphat 4
Chameleons, The Script of the Bridge 4.5
Various Tresor II: Berlin/Detroit-A Techno Alliance 2.5
Wyatt, Marques For Those Who Like to Get Down 4
Marl, Marley Re-Entry 2
Kim, Jin Hi Komungo 4.5
Coil Horse Rotorvator 4
Paris Devil Made Me Do It, The 3.5
Happy Mondays Live 3
Inxs Kick 4
Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space 4
Rock and C.L. Smooth, Pete Mecca and the Soul Brother 4
Nas Illmatic 4
House of Pain Same as it Ever Was 4
Cooper, Alice Last Temptation, The 2
Haza, Ofra Ya Ba Ye 3.5
Various Wild Style (MPS) 5
Lyte, MC Act Like You Know 2.5
Perry and Mad Professor, Lee Super Ape Inna Jungle 4
Various Classic TV Game Show Themes 3.5
Connick Jr., Harry 20 4
Twin Hype Double Barrel 3
Various You've Got the Fucking Power 2
Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain 5
Various Threepenny Opera (1954 Off-Broadway Revival Cast), The 4
Godhead Power Tool Stigmata 3
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers 4.5
Simon, Paul Graceland 4.5
Eminem Eminem Show, The 4
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Golden Pillz: The Luna Remixes 1.5
Acumen Nation 5ifth Column, The 4
Anthony B Seven Seals 4.5
Junya B Demo 3.5
Various Horror Films Collection - Volume Two, The 3.5
Hendrix Experience, Jimi  Are You Experienced? 4.5
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 5
Oingo Boingo Skeletons in the Closet: The Best of Oingo Boingo 4
Various Clockers (MPS) 2.5
Jungle Brothers V.I.P. 3.5
Soft Cell Art of Falling Apart, The 3
Hemdale Rad Jackson 4
Soilent Green String of Lies, A 4.5
Material Intonarumori 4.5
Transjoik Mahkalahke 4
Shepp, Archie Way Ahead, The 4.5
Signs Ov Chaos Frankenscience (Urban Cyberphunk) 3.5
Reed, Lou New Sensations 3
McLauglin, John and the One Truth Band Electric Dreams 2.5
Tears for Fears Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) 3
Human League Dare 4
Various Heavy Metal 4
Echo and the Bunnymen Porcupine 4
Jimpster Martian Arts 3.5
O.G. Style I Know How to Play 'Em! 3.5
Shepp, Archie On Green Dolphin Street 3.5
DiMeola, McLaughlin, and DeLucia Friday Night in San Francisco 3.5
3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect 4
Gabriel, Peter Security 3
Urban Dance Squad Life 'n Perspective of a Genuine Crossover 3
Parker, Charlie Immortal Charlie Parker, The 3
Beenie Man Many Moods of Moses 3.5
Banks, Ant Big Thangs 2.5
Golson, Benny Free 4
Moritz, Christine Live at Metatrack Studios 2.5
Cult, The Sonic Temple 4
Analog Brothers Pimp to Eat 4
Pryor, Richard That Nigger's Crazy 3.5
Jordan, Marlon Marlon's Mode 4
Joseph, Julian Reality 3.5
Acumen Nation If You Were/Bleed for You 3
Stooges, Iggy and the Raw Power 4
Voltaire Boo Hoo 3
Magic Sam Live 4
Rell & the Houserockers, M.C. Into the Future 3.5
Isis Celestial 4
Barman, MC Paul It's Very Stimulating 3.5
Carlin, George Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slazso, An 3
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Best of OMD, The 4.5
Wales, Josey Outlaw 4
Brel, Jacques Poetic World of Jacques Brel, The 4
Silver Quintet, Horace Doin' the Thing 4.5
Bloods & Crips Bangin on Wax 2.5
Almond, Marc Jacky 3
Show & A.G. Goodfellas 2.5
Smith, Jimmy Any Number Can Win 3.5
Hate Dept. Technical Difficulties 2.5
Morrissey Vauxhall and I 4.5
Morrissey Your Arsenal 5
Belle and Sebastian Boy with the Arab Strap, The 4
Cure, The Bloodflowers 2
Skinny Puppy Remix Dys Temper 3.5
Fear Factory Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) 3
Various Project Blowed 4
Adair, Beegie I'll Take Romance 3.5
Various Hidden Treasures Volume 2 4
Rolling Stones, The Aftermath 3.5
Beatles, The 1962-1966 4.5
Antwi, Kojo Master Music Man 2
Various Nu York-Nu Skool: East Coast Drum 'n' Bass Revelations 3.5
Tribe Called Quest, A Love Movement, The 3
Beckham, John P.G. County Hip Hop 3
Stompbox Stress 3
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse 3
Dellimore, Ossie Freedom's Journal 4.5
Antwi, Kojo Afrafra 3
Zappa, Frank Apostrophe'/Overnite Sensation 4.5
Courageous Chief Warpath 4
Thompson, Linval Ride on Dreadlocks: 1975-1977 4.5
Armstrong, Louis Best of the Decca Years Vol. 2 -- The Composer, The 4
UMCs, The Fruits of Nature 4
De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate 4
Lee, Ranee Deep Song 5
KC Flightt In Flightt 1.5
Zappa, Frank Sheik Yerbouti 4
Beatles, The 1967-1970 4
Lords of Acid Expand Your Head 2
Reed, Lou Transformer 4.5
Krush, DJ Krush 4
DJ Me DJ You Rainbows and Robots 4
Common Sense Can I Borrow a Dollar? 4.5
Acumen Nation Territory = Universe 3.5
Morrissey Beethoven was Deaf 3.5
Lemper, Ute Berlin Cabaret Songs [English version] 4.5
Psykosonik Psykosonik 3
Kincaid, David Irish Volunteer: Songs of the Irish Union Solider 1861-1865, The 4.5
Lexxus Mr. Lex 2
Genius/GZA Liquid Swords 4
Jigsy King Ashes to Ashes 3
X-Clan To the East, Blackwards 4.5
Bowie, David Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, The 5
My Bloody Valentine Loveless 3
Weezer Pinkerton 4
Neko Case Canadian Amp 4
Hudson, Cary The Phoenix 3
Cary, Caitlin While You Weren't Looking 4
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen Running Wild 3.5
Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 5
Cursive Burst and Bloom 4
John Spencer Blues Explosion Orange 0
Jurassic 5 Quality Control 4.5
Mingus, Charles Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry, A 4
Pitch Shifter Remix War, The 2.5
Public Image Ltd. This is What You Want . . . This is What You Get 3
Gato Negro Black Cat Dub 4
Mingus, Charles East Coasting 4
Kraftwerk Mix, The 4.5
Blue Oyster Cult Blue Oyster Cult 4.5
Divine Styler Wordpower:2:Directix 5
Badu, Erykah Live 3
Masta Ace Disposable Arts 4
Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain 4.5
Various Return of the DJ, Vol. 1 5
De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising 4.5
Q-Burns Abstract Message Invisible Airline 3.5
Godflesh Streetcleaner 5
Too Nice Cold Facts 2.5
Bad Kharma Seltin 4
Etc. One Blessed Wound, A 4
Gato Negro Vital Force Dub 4
Death Cube K Disembodied 4
Negativland Helter Stupid 4.5
Various East Side Story Volume 1 3
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed 5
Laswell, Bill Permutation 3.5
Chicken Chest/Leslie Thunder Action Packed 2.5
Ministry Twelve Inch Singles: 1981-1984 3.5
Orbital In Sides 3.5
Zappa, Frank Hot Rats 5
Eminem Marshall Mathers LP, The 4.5
Felix da Housecat Kittenz and Thee Glitz 3.5
Various Elektro Discharge 1.5
Young Gods L'Eau Rouge 4
Various Zen and the Art of Chilling Volume One 3.5
Wumpscut/Haujobb Remix Wars: Strike 1, The 3.5
Various Sonic Circuits VIII 3.5
Sanchez Best of Sanchez: Back at One, The 3.5
Siouxsie and the Banshees Twice Upon a Time: The Singles 4.5
Various All I Have is Love: A Tribute to Studio One 4
Afro-Mystik Future Tropic 2.5
Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends 1.5
Badawi Jerusalem Under Fire 3.5
Badawi/Honeychild Bedouin Sound Clash 4
Revolting Cocks Linger Ficken' Good . . and Other Barnyard Oddities 3
Various In to the Mix II: The 2nd Coming 3
X-Ecutioners Built from Scratch 4
Various Rewind! Part Two: Singers 3.5
Earle, Steve Train a' Comin 4
Various Cabaret: Original Broadway Cast Recording 5
Various Dancehall 101 Volume 2 4.5
Various Dancehall 101 Volume 1 4.5
Cocoa Tea One Way 3.5
Various Konkrete Jungle Maximum Drum n Bass 3
Impetigo Ultimo Mondo Cannibal 4.5
Parental Advisory Straight No Chase 4
Scarface Untouchable, The 3.5
Various Classic Reggae in a 90's Style 2.5
2Pac 2Pacalypse Now 4
Half Pint Half Pint 5
Nine Inch Nails Fragile, The 2.5
Various Closet Classics Vol. 1: The More Protein Sampler 4
Engine Down Under the Pretense of Present Tense 3
Add N to (x) On the Wires of Our Nerves 4
Big Daddy Kane It's a Big Daddy Thing 4
Shepp, Archie California Meeting 3
Gerhard, Ed House of Guitars 3.5
Goblin Goblin Collection: 1975-1989, The 4.5
Prezident Brown Original Blue Print 3
Various This is Home Entertainment Volume 2 3.5
Roots, The Things Fall Apart 4
Ween White Pepper 3.5
Godflesh Love and Hate in Dub 2.5
In Flames Whoracle 4
Depeche Mode Construction Time Again 3.5
Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) Industry Shakedown 4
Scarface Diary, The 4
Various Strictly the Best 12 3
Various Thugs 'N' Kisses 2.5
Da Other Asiatics (D.O.A.) Demo 4
Praxis 1984 4
Cash Money & Marvelous Where's the Party At? 5
Marley, Ky-Mani Many More Roads 4
Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet 3
Craig G Now, That's More Like It 2.5
Bounty Killer My Xperience 4
Various Judgement Night 3
LL Cool J All World: Greatest Hits 4
Miller, Paul D. Viral Sonata 4
Bolo, Yami Up Life Street 4
Anathema Eternity 3
Faith No More The Real Thing 4.5
Various Reggae Sound War -- The Sound Clash: Electrocutioner Volume One 3.5
EPMD Unfinished Business 4
Master Ace Take a Look Around 3.5
Bolo, Yami Fighting for Peace 3.5
Nirvana In Utero 4
Audio Two What More Can I Say? 3
Genitorturers, The Machine Love EP 3.5
Murder Inc. Locate Subvert Terminate: The Complete Murder Inc. 3
Nasum Inhale/Exhale 3.5
Immortal Micunion, The Declaration of Independents, A 4
Ayers, Roy Evolution: The Polydor Anthology 4.5
Stone Roses, The Turns Into Stone 4
Dooom, Dr. First Come, First Served 3.5
Gabriel, Apple Another Moses 3.5
Various Tsjakkaa! 2: Ultra Dance '95 2
Sandler, Adam What's Your Name? 2
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back 5
Roots, The Illadelph Halflife 4
Lee, Ranee Dark Divas - The Musical 4
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Junk Culture 4
Soul Slinger, DJ Upload: A Continuous Mix 4.5
Banks, Ant Big Badass, The 3.5
4PM Jackin' Boots 1.5
Various Underground Dance Music Vol. 1 3.5
Phoenix Orion and Team Eloheem Secret Wars 3.5
Mr. Len Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind the Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummysmacks 4
Pain Teens Pain Teens 3.5
Click the Supah-Latin Square Won 4
Danzig Danzig II: Lucifuge 3
Skinny Puppy Bites 3.5
Eddie Def the Last Kreep Instrumental Pills 4.5
Onuora, Oku I a Tell... Dubwize & Otherwise 4
Rakim Master, The 3
Eddie Def the Last Kreep Cheap Recordings 4
Down Down II 3
T Rex Bolan's Zip Gun 3.5
Blind Guardian A Night at the Opera 3.5
Circle of Dust Disengage 3.5
Love, A.J. Interplanetary Funk 4
Various Dancehall to the Core - Vol. 3 3.5
Various Bigga Judgement 1.5
Inner Circle Best of Inner Circle, The 4
Captain T U.S.Aliens 3.5
Macka B Jamaica, No Problem? 3
Mr Bungle Mr Bungle 4.5
Clutch The Elephant Riders 3
Wire A Bell is a Cup . . . Until it is Struck 2.5
WC and the Maad Circle Ain't a Damn Thing Changed 3.5
Beenie Man Best of Beenie Man: Collector's Edition 4.5
Soft Cell This Last Night in Sodom 3.5
Chameleons, The Live at the Camden Palace 3
Fear Factory Fear is the Mindkiller EP 3.5
Spence, Peter & Tippa Irie Sapphire & Steel 2
Killing Joke Brighter than a Thousand Suns 2
Saafir Boxcar Sessions 4.5
Goblin Zombi: Dawn of the Dead 4
Various Taxi Connection Live in London! 4
Sensational Get On My Page 3
Vanilla Ice Hard to Swallow 1.5
National Lampoon Lemmings 5
Various Altered Beats 4
Goblin Volume III: 1978-1984 3.5
Afghan Whigs, The Black Love 5
Grade Headfirst Straight To Hell 2.5
Davis, Miles Kind of Blue 5
Fat Boys On and On 3
Various Lucio Fulci's Horror & Thriller 4
Spearhead Live Radio Sessions, The 4
Hard 2 Obtain Ism & Blues 3
Dilated Peoples Expansion Team 4
Class A Felony Class A Felony 3
KRS-One Spiritual Minded 3
Cam, DJ French Connection, The 4
Various Crooklyn Volume 1 5
Wadud Between 2 Lines 2.5
Various African Dub All-Mighty Chapters 3 & 4 4
Gang Starr Hard to Earn 4.5
Mad Professor Black Liberation Dub Chapter One 4
Judas Priest Metal Works '73-'93 5
LMNO Leave My Name Out 3.5
Top Cat King of the Jungle 2.5
Convicts Convicts 3.5
Atari Teenage Riot Burn, Berlin, Burn 3.5
Simmons, Sonny Manhattan Egos 4
Mad Professor Carribean Taste of Technology, A 3.5
Mad Professor Feast of Yellow Dub, A 3
Half Pint Classics in Dub 4.5
Chocolate Weasel Spaghettification 3.5
Catherine Wheel Happy Days 4.5
Verbena Into the Pink 4
VNV Nation Futureperfect 4
Various Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute 2
Alphabet Soup Layin' Low in the Cut 3.5
Various Red Hot on Impulse 4.5
Various a.k.a.DUB;the second chapter 4.5
Various The Doom Generation 3.5
King Diamond Them 5
Chameleons, The Why Call it Anything 3.5
Phillips, Emo Emo Phillips 4
K-Solo Time's Up 3.5
Williams, David E. Hello Columbus EP 4
Williams, David E. I Have Forgotten How to Love You 5
Morbid Angel Covenant 4.5
Pfly Duckapus 4
Smiths, The The Smiths 4
Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child 2
Mankind Liberation Front Mankind Liberation Front 4
Hi-C Skanless 3
Lateef, Yusef Part of the Search 3.5
Roland Kirk, Rashaan Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color, The 4
Cure, The Greatest Hits (DVD) 4
Gorillaz Gorillaz 3.5
Magic Mike, DJ This is How it Should be Done 3.5
Various London Records is Hot on the Block 4
Spragga Benz Thug Nature 3
Anthrax Among the Living 4
Defari Focused Daily 3
Various Negro Prison Blues and Songs 4
Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes 3
Melvins Stoner Witch 3.5
Acumen Nation Transmissions from Eville 4.5
Roaring Lion Roaring Lion 2.5
Daddy Freddy Raggamuffin Soldier 3.5
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 5
Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed 3.5
Campbell, Cornell Money 4
Half Pint One in a Million 4.5
Moritz, Christine Carte Blanche 3.5
Kirk, Roland Introducing Roland Kirk 3.5
Various VP Records 20th Anniversary 3.5
Bjork Post 4.5
Impaled Nazarene Latex Cult 3
Clutch Jam Room 3.5
Danzig 5: blackacidevil 3
Babyland A Total Let-Down 4
Various For the Masses: Depeche Mode Tribute 3
KMFDM Adios 3.5
Negativland Escape from Noise 5
Various Sound of Gran Turismo, The 4
Sisters of Mercy, The Vision Thing 4
Cryptopsy And Then You'll Beg 4
Martin, Steve Comedy is not Pretty 3
Various Linval Thompson Presents: Jah Jah Dreader than Dread 4.5
Shepp, Archie and Roswell Rudd Live in New York 4
Magnum Magnum 3.5
Genitorturers, The Flesh is the Law EP 3
Various King Stur-Gav Hi Fi Lee Unlimited 4
Various CD Aircheck Vol. 46: Wacked-Out Phone Bits, Vol. I June 2000 2
Various Generation Trance 2000 Episode 2 2.5
D.O.C., The Helter Skelter 2.5
Various Without Apology: Reggae Free Mumia 3.5
Echo and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen 3
Jurassic 5 W.O.E. is Me EP 3.5
Tech N9ne Anghellic 4
Shant� Bitch is Back, The 3
Jazz Cannon, The Amateur Soul Surgery 3.5
Skrew Dusted 3.5
Chameleons, The What Does Anything Mean? Basically 4
Ming & FS Human Condition, The 3
Ice Cream Tee Can't Hold Back 2
Son of Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk 3.5
Tyner, McCoy Real McCoy, The 4.5
Jazz Passengers, The Live in Spain 3.5
Blackalicious NIA 4
Dollar Brand Pre Abdullah Ibrahim 3.5
Kloss, Eric One, Two, Free 3.5
Various Laid in Full 4
Shepp, Archie Quintet Bird Fire 3.5
Manasseh Meets the Equalizer Shining 3
Del the Funky Homosapien Both Sides of the Brain 4.5
Steady B Bring the Beat Back 4
Rose, Michael Michael Rose 4
Various Future Sounds of Jazz -- Vol. 6 3.5
Mobb Deep Juvenile Hell 2.5
Various Great British Reggae DJ's & Singers: Roll Call 89 2.5
Trask, Keoki Wandering Tree 3.5
My Dying Bride 34.788%...Complete 3.5
God Appeal to Human Greed EP 3.5
Shorter, Alan Orgasm 4
My Dying Bride Like Gods of the Sun 3.5
Chemlab East Side Militia 4
Scapegoat Wax Okeeblow 3.5
Magic Mike, DJ Bass is the Name of the Game 4.5
Sway & King Tech This or That 4
Tenacious D Tenacious D 4
Bitches Brew Bootleg Brew Vol. 1 4.5
Askari X Ward of the State 3.5
Karnak Karnak 3.5
Metallica ...And Justice for All 4
Sandler, Adam They're All Gonna Laugh at You! 3.5
Schimmel, Robert Unprotected 3
Various Kinetic Art, Volume One 3.5
Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey 5
Anathema Alternative 4 3.5
Faust, DJ Man or Myth? 4.5
Butthole Surfers Hairway to Steven 4.5
Kraftwerk Electric Caf� 3
Little, Booker Out Front 5
Various Groove Jammy 4.5
Manowar Hell on Wheels Live 3.5
God Appeal to Human Greed 4
Chino XL I Told You So 4
Kraftwerk Mix, The 4
Cure, The In Orange 4
45 King, The 900 Number EP, The 2.5
Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode 4
Rock, Chris Born Suspect 3.5
VNV Nation Genesis.2 3
Crown, The Hell is Here 4
Today is the Day Live 'til You Die 2
Macka B Roots & Culture 3.5
Various 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit, The 3
Chestnut, Cyrus Soul Food 3.5
Various Altered States of Drum & Bass 4
Chemlab Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar 3.5
Soilent Green A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down 3
Front 242 Tyranny >For You< 3
Slayer Divine Intervention 3
Various Penthouse Selections Vol. 1 3
Various Bali: Tjak Ancien et Jog�d Gandrangan 4
Prince Paul Psychoanalysis (What is It?) 4
Gorguts Obscura 3.5
Logic, DJ Project Logic 4
Clutch Transnational Speedway Leauge: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths 3.5
Biz Markie I Need a Haircut 3.5
Wilson, Cassandra Blue Light 'Til Dawn 4.5
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss 4
Various Soca Xplosion 2000 3.5
Rollins, Sonny Saxophone Colossus 4
Byrd, Donald New Perspective, A 4.5
Various H.E.A.L.: Civilization vs. Technology 2.5
Heptones, The Pressure! 3
Jah Cure Free Jah's Cure 4
Various Kid606 and Friends, Vol. 1 3.5
MC Serch Return of the Product 3
Zapp & Roger All the Greatest Hits 4
Coil Love's Secret Domain 4.5
Saafir Trigonometry 3.5
Dillinger Escape Plan Dillinger Escape Plan 4
Steel Pulse Rage & Fury 3.5
Cop Shoot Cop Ask Questions Later 4
Group Home Livin' Proof 3.5
1.8.7 Cities Collection, The 3.5
Gwar Rendezvous with RagNaRok 3
Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop Deja Vu -- It's '82 4
Various Rarewerks 3.5
Isis Mosquito Control EP 4
Mingus, Charles Town Hall Concert 4
Shepp, Archie and Jasper Van't Hof Mama Rose 3.5
Barsha Barsha's Explicit Lyrics 3
Tool Lateralus 2.5
Prong Rude Awakening 3.5
Franti, Michael and Spearhead Stay Human 4
Various Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II 5
Cocteau Twins BBC Sessions 4
3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect 4
Switchblade Symphony Sinister Nostalgia 1.5
Various Waterhouse Revisited 4.5
Incantation Onward to Golgotha 4
Various State of Emergency: Society in Crisis (Vol. 1) 2
Doubting Thomas The Infidel 3
Tatum, Art 20th Century Piano Genius 4.5
Various Penthouse Dancehall Hits Vol. 9 4
Wu-Tang Clan W, The 3
Megadeth So Far, So Good...So What! 2
Naughty by Nature Poverty's Paradise 3
Hicks, Bill Rant in E-Minor 4
Q-Bert, DJ versus A-Trak Buck Tooth Wizardz 3.5
Numan, Gary Tubeway Army 3.5
Bauhaus Burning from the Inside 4
McGregor, Freddie Signature 3.5
Norvo Trio, Red  Savoy Sessions, The 3.5
Encore Self Preservation 3.5
Masta Ace Inc. SlaughtaHouse 4.5
Jackson Quintet, Milt featuring Ray Brown That's the Way it Is 4.5
Faint, The Danse Macabre 3
Various Showtime Juggling 3.5
Various Bomb Anniversary Collection: 1991-2001 4.5
Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret 5
Down NOLA 4.5
Disharmonic Orchestra Pleasuredome 4
Poor Righteous Teachers New World Order, The 4.5
Didg, Dr. Out of the Woods 3.5
Chameleons, The Strange Times 4.5
Skatenigs, The Stupid People Shouldn't Breed 4
Magic Sam Magic Sam Legacy, The 4.5
Bluetip Polymer 4
Shepp, Archie and Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio Conversations 4
Illogic Got Lyrics? 4
Geto Boys Till Death Do We Part 3.5
Tony D Master of the Moaning Beats 3
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves 3.5
Private Investigators Re-Act Like Ya Knew 3.5
Raheem Vigilante, The 4.5
Melody, Courtney Modern Girl 4
Honeydogs Island of Misfits 3.5
Ronson, Mick Just Like This 4.5
V-Roys Just Add Ice 3.5
Hillman, Chris Morning Sky 3
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 3.5
Pica The Doctors Ate the Evidence 3
Amos, Tori Under the Pink 3.5
Def Cut Return to Burn 3.5
Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance 4
Morgan Heritage Don't Haffi Dread 4
Enkindels Buzzclip 2000 3.5
Old 97s Fight Songs 4
Coltrane, John Blue Train 4.5
Get Up Kids, The Eudora 4
Sleepy Time Trio Memory Minus 3
Neu! Neu! (#1) 3.5
Big Mello Southside Story 2.5
Misery Index Overthrow 4
Regan, Brian Live 5
Marley, Damian Mr. Marley 3.5
DB Secret Art of Science, The 4.5
Fates Warning Pleasant Shade of Gray 2
Common Like Water for Chocolate 3
Coltrane, John Interstellar Space 4
Dolphy, Eric Out to Lunch 4.5
Various Mutant Beatz 4
Byles, Junior Curly Locks 4
Sisters of Mercy, The First and Last and Always 3.5
Masters of Reality Sunrise on the Sufferbus 3.5
Brujeria Brujerizmo 4
Gang of Four Entertainment! 5
Orton, Beth Central Reservation 5
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia 3.5
Derek and Clive Ad Nauseum 4
Pantera Reinventing the Steel 3.5
Roxy Music The Hard Road 2.5
Radiohead Kid A 4
Einst�rzende Neubauten '80-'83: Strategies Against Architecture 3.5
Poetess, The Simply Poetry 4
Various Aberfoyle Springs Compilation 4
X Los Angeles 4.5
Cleaves, Andy Andy Cleaves 2.5
Aphex Twin Drukqs 3.5
Moka Only Lime Green 3.5
Fugazi Furniture CD Single / 7"  4
Rollins, Henry Boxed Life, The 3.5
Snog Lies, Inc. 3
Public Image Ltd. Flowers of Romance 3.5
Young Gods Only Heaven 4
Non Receive the Flame 3.5
Shinjuku Thief Bloody Tourist 3.5
White Zombie Astrocreep 2000: Songs of Love, Destruction, and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head 3.5
Naglfar Diabolical 2
Spacemen 3 Sound of Confusion 3
T Rex Rainbow: Live 1977 3
Le�ther Strip Self-Inflicted 2
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood (in the Shadow of the Valley of Death) 3.5
Sunshine Blind Love the Sky to Death 3.5
Lords of Acid Farstucker 3.5
Public Image Ltd. Second Edition 5
Mogwai Rock Action 2
Cop Shoot Cop Release 4
Amen Amen 3.5
Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar 5
Yvad Young, Gifted, & Dread 3
Yabby You One Love, One Heart 5
Big Electric Cat Eyelash 3
Swans Burning World, The 4
Various Yule Struttin': A Blue Note Christmas 4
E.C Illa Power Moves 2
Dream Theater Falling into Infinity 2.5
Bahamadia BB Queen 3.5
Fiedler, Arthur and the Boston Pops Christmas Festival, A 4
Vader Litany 3
Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole 3.5
Various Christmas Collection, A 4.5
Various Traditional Jazz Christmas, A 4
Cubanate Barbarossa 3.5
Sisterhood, The Gift 2
Anthony B So Many Things... 5
Saafir Hit List, The 3
Keepsake End Of Sound 1
Trenchmouth Vs. The Light Of The Sun 5
Techno-Animal Re-entry 4
EC8OR All of Us Can Be Rich 1
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty 3
Fear Factory Demanufacture 3
Rasco Time Waits for No Man 4
Coldcut Boot the System/Atomic Moog 2000 EP 3
King Diamond House of God 3.5
Open Canvas Indumani 2.5
Various Strictly Riddim Dancehall Reggae Vol. 1: The D.J.'s 3.5
Blue Oyster Cult Curse of the Hidden Mirror 3.5
Old Man's Child Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion 3
Various Irie Irie X-mas 2.5
Various Yo! MTV Raps: The CD 4.5
Psychic TV Origin of the Species: Volume Too! 3
Doubting Thomas Father Don't Cry 2.5
Smiths, The Strangways, Here We Come 4
Roxy Music Street Life: 20 Greatest Hits 3.5
Ultra Big Time 4
Various Metalheadz Presents: Platinum Breakz 4
Mingus, Charles Blues & Roots 5
Sun Ra Arkestra Reflections in Blue 2.5
Original Flavor This is How it Is 3
Evans, Terry Walk That Walk 3.5
Fantomas The Director's Cut 3.5
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 4
Scorn Gyral 3.5
Insane Poetry Grim Reality 4.5
Sutton, Tierney Unsung Heroes 4
Off Hour Rockers Holiday Sampler 1.5
Primer, John Knocking At Your Door 3
Various Justin Time for Christmas Two 4
Method Man Tical 3.5
McNally, Bob Handmade Christmas Music, Volume 1 3.5
Kelly, Scott Spirit Bound Flesh 3.5
Various Urban Revolutions 4
Eyehategod Dopesick 4
Soilent Green Sewn Mouth Secrets 4
Springsteen, Bruce Born in the U.S.A. 5
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 4
Police, The Synchronicity 4
Presley, Elvis Elvis' Christmas Album 3.5
Various Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas 4.5
Davis, Miles Nefertiti 4.5
Jeru the Damaja Sun Rises in the East, The 4
Various Justin Time for Christmas 4
Lords of Acid Lords of Acid versus Detroit EP 3
Psychotica Psychotica 3
Coup, The Kill My Landlord 3.5
Miller, Jacob and Ray I Natty Christmas 4
Diamond Shell Grand Imperial Diamond Shell, The 3.5
Various Time-Life Treasury of Christmas, The 4
Pizzarelli, John Kisses in the Rain 3.5
Hanzel und Gretyl Ausgeflippt 4
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains 3.5
Alice in Chains Dirt 4.5
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 3.5
Deftones Around the Fur 3.5
Public Image Ltd. Compact Disc 2.5
Einst�rzende Neubauten Halber Mensch 4
Various Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollipops 4.5
Total War (aka War) We are (Total) War 2.5
Shepp, Archie and Jasper Van't Hof Fifth of May, The 3
Bjork Debut 3.5
Spooky, DJ Subliminal Minded: The EP 4
Dhomont, Francis Frankenstein Symphony 4
Eno Here Come the Warm Jets 4.5
Acumen Nation More Human Heart 4
Revolution, DJ In 12's We Trust 4
Gal�s, Diamanda The Litanies of Satan 4.5
Chino XL Here to Save You All 4.5
Various Sound Boy Killing 3
Revolution, DJ R2K, Version 1.0 3.5
Morrissey !Oye Esteban! 3.5
In Flames Colony 3.5
Esham the Unholy Closed Casket 3.5
Dark Sun Riders featuring Brother J Seeds of Evolution 3.5
T Rex Dandy in the Underworld 2.5
Lords of Acid Lust 3.5
Coleman, Ornette Free Jazz (A Collective Improvisation) 5
Divine Styler featuring The Scheme Team Word Power 3.5
Tippa Irie Rebel On the Roots Corner 3.5
Witch-Hunt Souls Enshrouded Black 3.5
Tribe Called Quest, A Low End Theory 5
Eric B. & Rakim Paid in Full 4.5
Wild Strawberries Quiver 3.5
Accept Balls to the Wall 4
Lauper, Cyndi True Colors 2.5
Sepultura Chaos A.D. 3.5
Allen, Woody Stand-Up Comic: 1964-1968 5
Morrissey Bona Drag 4.5
Blue Oyster Cult Extraterrestrial Live 5
Damage Manual, The One EP 4
Various Masters of Misery: An Earache Tribute to Black Sabbath 2.5
Zappa, Frank Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch 3.5
Butthole Surfers The Hole Truth and Nothing Butt 4
Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals 4
Hancock, Herbie Future Shock 3.5
Vai Sex and Religion 2
Ministry Dark Side of the Spoon 2.5
Nocturnus The Key 4
Kreator Out of the Dark...Into the Light EP 3
Spooky, DJ Riddim Warfare 4.5
Various Inna Rub a Dub Style Numba 1 2.5
Hi-Fi Killers Possession 3.5
Future Sound, The Whole Shabang Volume 1, The 3.5
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Blasting Off 3
Das EFX Dead Serious 4
Massive Attack Mezzanine 4.5
Tribe Called Quest, A People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm 5
Buck-O-Nine Twenty-eight Teeth 3
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 5
Bella Morte Death Rock EP 3.5
Various Lounge-A-Palooza 3
Jazz Poets Society Poets Lounge: The Show 3.5
Various Hell Comes to Your House 3.5
Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip 4.5
Harris, Emmylou Red Dirt Girl 4
Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes: The Anthology 5
Henry, Joe Trampoline 4
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road 5
Harris, Emmylou Wrecking Ball 4
Pryor, Richard Is it Something I Said? 4
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul 4.5
Fugazi 13 Songs 4
Cruxshadows, The Paradox Addendum EP 2.5
London After Midnight Selected Scenes from the End of the World 3
Brutal Truth Kill Trend Suicide 2.5
Zeni Geva 10,000 Light Years 3.5
Impaled Nazarene Nihil 3
Cathedral Soul Sacrifice EP 3.5
Brighter Death Now Innerwar 3
Latyrx Latyrx: The Album 4.5
Les Rythmes Digitales Darkdancer 3.5
Milkbaby Strange Jukebox 4.5
Ween Chocolate and Cheese 4
Malformed Earthborn Defiance of the Ugly by the Merely Repulsive 3.5
Schoolly D How a Blackman Feels 2.5
Mountain Brothers Self: Volume 1 4.5
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge The Poacher Diaries EP 3
Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out 2.5
Various Hellspawn: Extreme Metal Meets Extreme Techno 3.5
Maldoror She 3
Trachiotomy, MC Robot Alien or Ghost 3
Various Beats & Lyrics 3
Pet Shop Boys Discography-The Complete Singles Collection 3.5
Magic Sam West Side Soul 5
Dead Kennedys Bedtime for Democracy 3
Misfits, The Legacy of Brutality 4
Nirvana Nevermind 5
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness 4
Cold Crush Brothers Live in '82 4
Magic Sam Magic Touch 4
Gladiators, The Back to Roots 4
Pitch Shifter Industrial 2
Birthday Party, The Hits 5
Various B-Sides Volume One: Blatant Battle Raps 4
Laswell, Bill Deconstruction: The Celluloid Recordings 3
Various Release Your Mind 3.5
Consolidated Business of Punishment 2
Public Image Ltd. Metal Box/Second Edition 4
Golden Smog Down by the Old Mainstream 4
Honeydogs Here's Luck 4
Christian Death Catastrophe Ballet 4
Testament Demonic 3
Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic 4
Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun 5
Bragg, Billy Reaching to the Converted 4
Modest Mouse The Moon And Antarctica 3.5
Long Beach Dub Allstars Wonders of the World 2.5
Snapcase Design for Automotion 3
Jayhawks, The Hollywood Town Hall 4
Uncle Tupelo No Depression 5
Gourds, The Stadium Blitzer 3.5
Lux Occulta My Guardian Anger 2
Hemphill, Julius and Abdul Wadud Live in New York 4.5
Various Roots of Acid Jazz, The 3.5
Arctectonics Style & Grace 3
Shadow Project Dreams for the Dying 3.5
Bad Brains The Youth Are Getting Restless 5
T Rex The Slider 5
Williams, David E. A House for the Dead and a Porch for the Dying 4
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 3.5
Black Sabbath Paranoid 5
Numan, Gary Pure 3
Garnett, Carlos Black Love 3.5
Pantera Great Southern Trendkill, The 4
Blac Monks No Mercy 3.5
Upsetters, The Return of Django 4
Reid, Junior Big Timer 4.5
Faint, The blank wave arcade 3
Semisonic Feeling Strangely Fine 4
Meat Beat Manifesto Subliminal Sandwich 3.5
Danzig Danzig 4
Zorn, John and Sato Michihiro Ganryu Island 3.5
Numan, Gary and the Tubeway Army Replicas 5
Del tha Funky Homosapien No Need for Alarm 5
Swollen Members Balance 4
DJ? Acucrack Sorted 3
DJ? Acucrack Mutants of Sound 3.5
Run-D.M.C. Crown Royal 2
Anderson, Wessell Warmdaddy in the Garden of Swing 3.5
Paris Sleeping With the Enemy 4.5
Shepp, Archie Steam 4
Mott the Hoople Mott the Hoople 4
Descendents Liveage 4.5
Moorer, Allison The Hardest Part 3
Miller, Scott Are You With Me? 3.5
Adams, Ryan Heartbreaker 3
Emperor Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise 5
Cobra Verde Egomania (Love Songs) 2.5
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 4
Marley, Damian Halfway Tree 4
Davis, Miles Bitches Brew 5
Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030 4.5
Smiths, The Louder Than Bombs 5
Various Ragga Jungle Anthems Volume 2 3.5
Adams, Ryan Gold 1
Fugazi The Argument 5
Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity 3.5
Godflesh Hymns 4
Nine Inch Nails Fixed EP 4
Carcass Heartwork 3
American Football American Football 1
Vadim, DJ Life from the Other Side 4
Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain 2.5
Von Till, Steve As the Crow Flies 3
Yabby You Jesus Dread: 1972-1977 4.5
Shepp, Archie Four for Trane 4.5
Venom In Memorium: 1981-1994 3
Cannibal Corpse Bloodthirst 4
Techno-Animal Brotherhood of the Bomb, The 2.5
Daou, Vanessa Slow to Burn 4
Braid Movie Music, Vol. 1 2
Boy Sets Fire The Day the Sun Went Out 3
Amorphis Tales from the Thousand Lakes 3.5
Tribes of Neurot Grace 4.5
Neurosis Times of Grace 5
Sublime Sublime 3.5
Various Sonic Circuits V 3.5
Paris Devil Made Me Do It, The 5
Various Dubwise & Otherwise 4.5
Tool Aenima 4
Tool Undertow 4.5
Black Star Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star 4
Washboard Sam Washboard Sam: 1935-1947 4
Alva Slattery for Ungdom 5
Nice & Smooth IV: Blazing Hot 2.5
Mathieu, Mireille Chante Piaf 3.5
Coalesce Give Them Rope 5
Various Easy Star Volume One 5
Hi-Tek Hi-Teknology 3.5
Babyland Who's Sorry Now? 3.5
Babyland Outlive Your Enemies 5
Front Line Assembly Epitaph 3.5
Various Reggae Gold 2001 2.5
Dibbs, Mr. Live in Memphis 4
Morrissey Southpaw Grammar 4
Cross My Heart Temporary Contemporary 1
Tricky Maxinquaye 4.5
Various Twisted Forever: A Tribute to the Legendary Twisted Sister 3.5
Crown, The Deathrace King 4.5
Christian Death Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ 2
Voivod Negatron 1.5
Superchunk Foolish 5
Folds, Ben Rockin' the Suburbs 3
Add N to (X) Adding Insult to Injury 3
Add N to (X) Avant Hard 4.5
Tyrannosaurus Rex Beard of Stars, A 3
Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds No More Shall We Part 3.5
Acid Bath Paegan Terrorism Tactics 4
Three Times Dope Sequel 3, The 2.5
Negativland These Guys are from England and Who Gives a Shit 3
Acid Bath When the Kite String Pops 5
T-Rock, DJ Who's Your Daddy? 4
Various Survival of the Fattest .5
Williams, Lucinda Essence 2.5
Willis, Kelly What I Deserve 4
Junior Kelly Love So Nice 4
Cam, DJ Loa Project (Volume II) 4
Butthole Surfers Weird Revolution, The 2.5
Stepchild Stepchild 2.5
Wilco AM 3.5
Morbid Angel Gateways to Annihilation 2
Prince Malachi Jah Light 4
High on Fire Art of Self Defense, The 4.5
Lee, Ranee Dark Divas - Highlights 4
Kisor, Ryan Minor Mutiny 3
Eminem Slim Shady LP, The 4
Death Individual Thought Patterns 4
Karma To Burn Wild Wonderful Purgatory 3.5
Bjork Vespertine 4.5
Pigface The Best of Pigface: Preaching to the Perverted 3
Fear Factory Soul of a New Machine 3.5
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk 5
Monks, The Black Monk Time 5
Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism 4
Too Much Trouble Bringing Hell On Earth 2.5
Too Brown Takin' No Shorts 3
Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown 5
Esham Judgement Day Vol. 2 - Night 3.5
Dre Dog I Hate You with a Passion 3.5
East-West Connection, The Rose Colored Reality .5
Souls of Mischief 93 'til Infinity 5
Willie Dee Controversy 2.5
Twist, M.C. and the Def Squad Comin' Thru Like Warriors 4
Various Reggae Blitz All-Stars 3.5
Various Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 5
Genitorturers, The Sin City 3
Wumpscut Wreath of Barbs 3
Magic Sam Blues Band Black Magic 4.5
Regurgitate Carnivorous Erection 4
Regurgitate Effortless Regurgitation 4
Firewater Psychopharmacology 3.5
Blueline Medic The Apology Wars 4
Blvd. Mosse U Can't Escape the Hypeness (single) 4
Half Pint Classics 5
Raheem Invincible, The 5
Unsung Heroes Unleashed 3.5
Special Ed Revelations 3.5
ZezOne Discursive Grandiloquence 3
Venice 13 Spiked 3
Lords of Acid Our Little Secret 2
Weezer Weezer (blue album) 5
Johnson, Blind Willie Dark Was the Night 4.5
Khromozomes Khromozomes 4
Geto Boys Resurrection, The 3.5
Too Short Get In Where You Fit In 3
Vev� Vev� 4
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult The Reincarnation of Luna 3.5
Anthony B That's Life 4
Deceased Behind the Mourner's Veil 4.5
Korn Korn 4
Murphy, Peter Cascade 4
Old 97s Too Far To Care 4
African Brothers Want Some Freedom 4.5
Toasters, The Skaboom! 2.5
Opprobrium Discerning Forces 3.5
Rivers Trio, Sam Live 4.5
Amos, Tori Strange Little Girls 2
Clash, The Clash, The (U.K. version) 5
Hunter, Ian Rant 4
Honeydogs Seen a Ghost 4
Strummer, Joe and the Mescaleros Global A Go-Go 4
Fulks, Robbie Couples In Trouble 4
Miller, Scott & the Commonwealth Thus Always to Tyrants 4
Krisiun Ageless Venemous 3
Exhumed Slaughtercult 3.5
Williams, Rozz Every King a Bastard Son 3
Bjork Homogenic 4
Weakerthans Left And Leaving 5
Push Stars After the Party 4
No Motiv Diagram for Healing 3
Wumpscut Dried Blood of Gommorha 3.5
Cradle of Filth Bitter Suites to Succubi 4
My Dying Bride Light at the End of the World, The 4
Krisiun Apocalyptic Revelations 4.5
Morrissey Kill Uncle 2.5
National Lampoon Best of the National Lampoon Radio Hour, The: Buy This Box or We'll Shoot This Dog 5
Sisters of Mercy, The Floodland 5
Front Line Assembly FLAvour of the Weak 4.5
Zyklon World ov Worms 3
Morrissey World of Morrissey 3.5
Various Postpunk Chronicles: Left of the Dial 3.5
Pain Teens Stimulation Festival 4
Yankovic, Weird Al In 3-D 3.5
Immolation Closer to a World Below 4.5
3rd Bass Cactus Album, The 5
Clutch Pure Rock Fury 4
Morbid Angel Blessed are the Sick 4
Isis SGNL>05 EP 3.5
Hawkwind Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin 2
Daucus Karota Shrine EP 3
Stevens, Cat Teaser and the Firecat 4.5
Smiths, The Queen is Dead, The 5
Cryptopsy None So Vile 4.5
Malmsteen's Rising Force, Yngwie J. Marching Out 3
St-Onge, Alexandre Une M�choire et Deux Trous 2
Shirt Trax Good News About Space 3
Firehose Live Totem Pole EP 4
W.A.S.P. Last Command, The 2.5
Juno This is the Way it Goes and Goes and... 3
Smiths, The Meat is Murder 4.5
Marilyn Manson Portrait of an American Family 4
Dio Last in Line, The 4
Zappa, Frank Strictly Commercial 4
At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease 3
Shepp, Archie St. Louis Blues 4.5
Project Pitchfork Daimonion 3.5
Elliot False Cathedrals 2.5
Skinny Puppy Ain't it Dead Yet? 4
Napalm Death Scum 4
Helmet Aftertaste 2.5
Nine Inch Nails Broken 4
Pogues, The If I Should Fall from Grace with God 4.5
Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks 5
Mott the Hoople Brain Capers 5
Whiskeytown Pneumonia 4
Various Unquiet Grave 2000, The 3.5
Various Power from the North: Sweden Rocks the World 3
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine 2.5
McLachlan, Sarah Surfacing 3
Ministry Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, The 4.5
Specimen Wet Warm Cling Film Red Velvet Crush 4
Today is the Day In the Eyes of God 4
Urban Dance Squad Mental Floss for the Globe 3.5
Wumpscut Embroydead 4.5
Godhead 2000 Years of Human Error 3
Deceased Supernatural Addictions 4
Cradle of Filth From the Cradle to Enslave EP 3
Carcass Swansong 1.5
Carcass Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious 5
Brickbats, The Creepy Crawly: The Unauthorized Autobiography of an Undead Rock n Roll Band 3
Blue Oyster Cult Mirrors 2
Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties 5
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle Earth 4.5
Jets to Brazil Orange Rhyming Dictionary 3.5
Nation of Ulysses Plays Pretty For Baby 4.5
Josh Rouse Dressed Up Like Nebraska 3.5
Refused Shape of Punk to Come, The 4.5
Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip 3
Bragg, Billy Back to Basics 3
Promise Ring Very Emergency 4.5
Shepp, Archie Live in San Francisco 5
Hawkwind Electric Teepee 3.5
Rammstein Sehnsucht 2
Melvins Crybaby, The 3
Amorphis Tuonela 3
Slipknot Slipknot 3
Depeche Mode Exciter 3
Morrissey Viva Hate 3.5
A-Team Who Framed the A-Team 3.5
Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 5
Clash, The London Calling 5
Wilco Being There 4.5
Parsons, Gram Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology 4
Various Total Recall Volume 10 4
Danzig, Glenn Black Aria 3
Lords of Acid Voodoo-U 4.5
Ministry Tapes of Wrath (DVD) 5
Rock, Chris Bigger and Blacker 3.5
Prodigy Dirtchamber Sessions, The: Volume One 4
Chavez Gone Glimmering 4
High & Mighty, The Home Field Advantage 3.5
Various Chicago Blues Harmonicas 4
Beastie Boys License to Ill 5
Bauhaus Crackle: The Best of Bauhaus 5
Babyland You Suck Crap 5
D-Nice Call Me D-Nice 3
Jawbreaker Live 4/30/96 5
Snapcase Progression Through Unlearning 4.5
Gang Starr Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr 4.5
Switchblade Symphony Bread and Jam for Frances 4
Morrissey Maladjusted 3
Ween 12 Golden Country Greats 3
T Rex Electric Warrior 5
Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie 4
Covenant United States of Mind 3
Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition 3.0
Faith No More Angel Dust 5
Godflesh Songs of Love and Hate 4
Negativland Dispepsi 4
Voivod War and Pain 3.5
Slayer Reign in Blood 5
Shadows Fall Of One Blood 3
Sepultura Roots 2
Opeth Blackwater Park 4
Kevorkian Death Cycle Collection for Injection 4
Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance 4.5
Jackson, Milt and Ray Brown Montreux '77 4
Various Old Tune in Concert -- Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 4
Nelson, Willie Teatro 3
Idlewild 100 broken windows 4
T-Model Ford You Better Keep Still 4.5
Connick, Jr., Harry Blue Light, Red Light 3.5
Nasum Human 2.0 4.5
Incantation Diabolical Conquest 4
In Flames Clayman 3.5
Deicide Serpents of the Light 3.5
Defleshed Fast Forward 3
Merzbow Pulse Demon 3.5
Pitchshifter Infotainment? 4
Voltaire Devil's Bris, The 3
Anal Cunt It Just Gets Worse 3.5
Strapping Young Lad City 4
Mayhem Grand Declarations of War 4.5
Garden of Shadows Oracle Moon 5
Voltaire Almost Human 4
Krisiun Conquerors of Armageddon 4
Sir Millard Mulch To Hell With All of You, I Just Wanna Grow My Vegetables 3
Various Jewish Alternative Movement, The: A Guide for the Perplexed 4
Various Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits 4
Dalek Negro, Necro, Nekros 3.5
Clickitat Ikatowi Orchestrated and Conducted by... 1.5
Smith, Jimmy and Wes Montgomery Jimmy & Wes The Dynamic Duo 4
NATAS Life After Death 3.5
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