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Bidding Farewell

May 30, 2009

It's been almost eight years since ADDreviews launched, a quickly cobbled-together site based on a concept hatched at a party. Back then, there was no Twitter, there was no One Sentence, there was no brevity. Everyone was spouting loads of crap. So, we decided to spout little bits of crap, 20 words at a time.

Over the years, our staff of six has collectively written over 3600 reviews, run a contest, and somehow managed to avoid even a single angry note from anyone with ADD/ADHD. It's an impressive run, really.

But now, it's over.

We've all grown up and have spent less-and-less time writing reviews, despite getting way too many CDs in the mail, many of which are sitting in my basement right now. Plus, brevity on the web has become the norm rather than the exception. Sure, there's Pitchfork, but there's also Musebin, 75 or Less, blippr, and minimusicreview and 1linereview on Twitter. So even though most of those sites will have you reading more than 20 words, you've still got some nice, concise content out there.

The site will likely stay up for a while longer, but no new content will be added after July 1, 2009.

All of us here at ADDreviews want to thank everyone who's visited the site (even the douchebags commenting over on the Swollen Members review), sent us music to review, or linked us up. It's been a blast.

Until we meet again,
Chris, Corey, Rob, Robert, Ryan, and Scott

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